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Increasing Inner Peace By Reducing Your Stress

Article by Sheryl Walters

Peace-making is a healing process and it begins with me, but it does not end there. - Gene Knudsen Hoffman

There is a great need for peace in the world today. Most people would recognize that on a global level as all over the world, wars are raging and every day more people are becoming caught up in the violent turn of events, but how about on a local or individual level? Do you need more peace in your life? I think many people would answer yes to that question. As the quote above illustrates, creating peace in your life is actually a healing process. It involves healing the hurting, malfunctioning parts of our bodies, minds, and souls and creating a new pattern of behavior which results in an overall sense of wellbeing and a smoothly functioning physical body.

This healing process has an impact on every facet of your being and on those around you. I believe that is what Hoffman meant when she said "it does not end there". Creating peace within ourselves can't help but bleed into our relationships with loved ones, into our community, and even out into the world. So, the question then is "How do I create Peace?". If it was easy to attain wouldn't we already be creating it daily? Good question, but not an easy answer. Unfortunately, there are many beliefs in the human mind that seem to nudge the potential for peace out of the picture. We impart so many pressures on ourselves, creating stress and erasing all possibility for the inner peace we all seem to desire. One way to stop the cycle of peace-destroying behavior is to practice regular intentional stress reduction.

While there are many ways to reduce stress like meditation, yoga, and massage, one of the most powerful modalities is called Quantum Biofeedback. This is a technologically advanced interface developed out of traditional biofeedback that uses a device called the SCIO/EPFX. It is an effective tool for reducing the stress that daily life brings as well as the stress that self-imposed pressures can place on our mind, body! , and so ul. The SCIO/EPFX uses energetic therapy to eradicate the effects that stress has on our body's natural healing functions. When that stress is gone, the body and mind function more efficiently and the healing process that brings about a feeling of inner peace is more likely to take place. Less stress also means that with proper intention by the conscious mind, those harmful beliefs that created the disharmony in the first place can be rewritten.

In addition to Quantum Biofeedback, another tool that can bring about a greater feeling of inner peace is called The Peace Program. This is another stress reduction tool, like the SCIO/EPFX, that delivers energetic balancing frequencies from a distance to the client all day every day. It works similarly to prayer, but is not restricted by any one religion or belief system. Instead it combines many of the official prayer frequencies recognized by many religions around the world as well as other stress reduction frequencies to create a calming therapeutic mix. The program works on a monthly subscription basis so all one has to do is provide some information in order to be calibrated into the system and then they, their loved ones, and even their pets can enjoy the 24/7 benefits.

As you've read above, the rewards of stress reduction can be incredible - imagine increased health, better relationships with those around you, and of course, a greater feeling of inner peace. The two options given above, as well as many others, are available to you today if only you take the time to do your research and give them a try. The gift you will be giving yourself is great and the lessons you will learn are life-changing. And remember, the road to inner peace starts with you, but does not end there. So, find the tool that's right for you and choose to make a difference today in your own life and in the life of your neighbors around the world.

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You should consider Alternative therapy instead of traditional medicine. Afterall the drug companies aren't looking out for you. We specialize in Biofeedback.

Fun and Simple Steps to Stress Management

Article by Darlene Siddons

Stress Management is the ability to maintain control when situations, people, and events make excessive demands. None of the stress management techniques that we look at today will require expensive materials and fortunately, stress management is largely a learnable skill.

Simple stress reduction suggestions, including diet and good nutrition, no junk food and lots of fresh unprocessed foods. Exercise and physical fitness are also top on the list; frequent exercise is probably one of the best physical stress-reduction techniques available.

Art can be a wonderful tool in the use of stress reduction, one that comes to mind is mosaic torn paper collages; when you are doing this art project you are using all of your mental senses and tend to not dwell on the things you are stressed out about and when you are finished with the art piece you have created a personal piece of art that gives you personal satisfaction.

Cognitive-behavioral techniques such as, imagery is a powerful method of stress reduction, when combined with physical relaxation methods such as deep breathing; learn and experience yoga techniques for dealing with crisis situations; self-awareness; meditation; Qi-gong; EFT; ionic detox foot baths and many more. These are all simple, easy and are all very effective.

Learning to manage time effectively may help a person to control stress. You also need to be well aware of stress symptoms in order to wisely manage your pace in moving to your goals. Handle each task as it comes, or deal with matters in some priority of like which has to be done today and then let the rest go. Like they say, don't sweat the small stuff.

The secret is to not only treat the symptoms of stress but to eliminate the cause. As a very wise individual once said, "Managing stress is like weeding your garden you can never get rid of the weeds completely, but you can keep them under control." When you're less stressed, you enjoy life more. As you learn and practice these techniques, your st! ress lev els will decrease and your mind and body will become calm and centered.

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My mission is to teach and encourage individuals how to find and maintain their balance in mind, body, spirit connection.They learn how to experience the joy of balanced living. Sign up for the f.ree report, Learn 7 Ways to Manifest Abundance with Crystals Darlene Siddons Spirited Boutique

#02 ESRM: First Meditation Techniques

Watch the full playlist at: A first look at some Emergency Stress-Reduction Meditation Techniques that are useful for reducing stress or distracting thoughts. It is a meditation technique based on Dynamic Cognitive Distraction, which means that the meditator uses plenty of distraction to avoid intrusive thoughts, then the levels of distraction are reduce so that the mind can settle and function without the distractions caused by stress and obsessive thoughts.

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Naturalizer Recalls Women’s Dress Shoes Due to Fall Hazard

Naturalizer Dare Shoes Red recall

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, in cooperation with Naturalizer, of St. Louis, Mo., and Brown Shoe Company, Inc., of St. Louis, Mo., announced a voluntary recall of about 6,100 pairs of Naturalizer "Dare" Women's Dress Shoes in the United States and 700 pairs in Canada.

Hazard: The heels of the shoes can lean to either side, posing a fall hazard when worn by consumers.

Incidents/Injuries: The firm has received one report of a consumer in Canada who received a minor leg injury when she fell while wearing the shoes.

Naturalizer Dare Shoes Black recall

Description: This recall involves women's faux patent leather dress shoes with the style name "Dare." They have a three-inch heel, open toes and a decorative faux patent leather bow across the front. The shoes were sold in sizes 5M to 10M, 11M, 7W to 9W and in gray, nude, scarlet and black colors. "Naturalizer" is printed inside and on the bottom of the shoe. The following stock numbers are printed inside the shoes below the size number: A3279S1020 Dare (gray), A3279S1250 Dare (nude), A3279S1600 Dare (scarlet) and A3279S2001 Dare (black).

Sold exclusively by: Naturalizer stores nationwide from July 2011 through November 2011 for between $ 25 and $ 50.

Manufactured in: China

Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop wearing the shoes and return them to any Naturalizer store for a full refund.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact the firm toll-free at (888) 443-2019 anytime, visit the firm's website at, or email the firm at

Note: Health Canada's press release is available at

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Pema Chodron "Ripe Times" A leading exponent of teachings on meditation and how they apply to everyday life, Pema Chödrön is widely known for her insightful, down-to-earth interpretation of Tibetan Buddhism for Western audiences. Chödrön is the resident teacher at Gampo Abbey in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, the first Tibetan monastery for Westerners. An American Buddhist nun, she began studying Buddhism in the early 1970s, working closely with the renowned Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche of the Shambhala Buddhist tradition until his death in 1987. She is currently a student of Dzigar Kontrul Rinpoche. From years of study and monastic training, she addresses complex issues with a clarity that bespeaks the fruits of her practice. Chödrön is interested in helping establish Tibetan Buddhist monastacism in the West, as well as continuing her work with Western Buddhists of all traditions, sharing ideas and teachings. She is the author of numerous books and audiobooks, including When Things Fall Apart; The Places That Scare You; The Wisdom of No Escape; Getting Unstuck; Start Where You Are; The Pema Chödrön Audio Collection; Comfortable With Uncertainty; No Time to Lose; Always Maintain a Joyful Mind (lojong teachings); and Practicing Peace in Times of War.

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How a Tinnitus Stress Cure Begets a Tinnitus Cure

Article by Alton Greyson of

In the Part 2/3 of this tinnitus stress cure investigation, you'll learn why tinnitus freedom starts tinnitus-free thoughts.

Note: this is Part 2/3 of my guide to tinnitus stress-reduction. Also see, Part 1:

You should now understand, or at least be expanding your awareness of, just how instrumental stress is to the ceaseless instrument tuning session going on in your head and how vital moving up the emotional scale is, if you're going to turn-down your "T."

Now it's time for me to show you how to realize the truth of these statements, so you can realize a powerful phenomenon that has been a savior for many tinnitus sufferers; namely, that curing stress can cure tinnitus. For the sake of simplicity, we'll call this a tinnitus stress cure.

The opposite of feeling stressed is feeling relaxed. When you feel relaxed, tinnitus or no tinnitus, you can't help but feel good to some degree. Feeling good, raising your spirits and the quality of your life in other words, means thinking about what you want instead of what you don't want.

To take this step towards a tinnitus stress cure, I recommend you get some guidance and inspiration from someone who has cured themselves of tinnitus (such as popular tinnitus recovery guide author Thomas Coleman, who counsels all his customers individually), or some sort of health-ailment which their doctor's tried to make their lifelong impediment with "treatment" the diagnosis of "learn to live with it."

This will help you see what's possible and start building your belief to a proportion equal to your dream of silence. Simply developing the belief that you can cure your tinnitus causes you to focus on the solution and not the problem, which brings incredible powers inside you and in the universe to bear.

If you don't get a mentor, at the very least surround yourself with positive people who encourage you to rise above your tinnitus c! hallenge in any way you can and not go on crawling through your life defeated by it.

To help yourself develop the mindset of a champion positively and purposefully affirm, "If I be bold, might forces shall come to my aid," or, "If it is to be, it is up to me," each day.

If it's hard for you at this moment to believe that you're going to get better with the right lifestyle changes and natural therapies, as have thousands of educated and motivated sufferers before you, than work on getting your mind off of the tinnitus that's overcoming you and on your true self by...

Watching a comedy or a comedian (Read the book Anatomy of an Illness by Norman Cousins to find out why this could be the world's greatest tinnitus stress cure)...

Cooking a wholesome organic meal or doing anything creative with your hands...

Having tactile physical contact with another person (i.e. a hug)...

Writing a list of things you're thankful to have and also one of what you want to get

Playing with your pet...

Excellent physical activities for improving your mental disposition include (these should be done daily)...

Going for a walk in the sunshine, while staring far off into the distance (this is a scientifically proven depression cure the drug companies don't want you to know about, by the way)...Jumping on a mini-trampoline (which squeezes toxins out of the cells and triggers the release of happiness inducing endorphin)...Doing stress-reduction exercises that involve postures and breathing such tai chi or yoga (which is scientifically proven to boost GABA levels, which I mentioned could be responsible for a tinnitus stress cure by themselves.)...

In Part 3/3 of my guide to stress tinnitus treatment, we'll discuss why you need to take the word "better," in the phrase "feel better" literally to start seeing results, the one technique that's guaranteed to make any tinnitus sufferer feel better, and how to retrain your mind to attract the tinnitus solution you're looking for.

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To learn how to silence your tinnitus once and for all with time-tested holistic therapies such as homeopathic tinnitus remedies and a revealing review Tinnitus Miracle by nutritionist Thomas Coleman, visit

Exercises for Stress Reduction & Deep Relaxation - Part 3 of 4 - Stress Management

Using simple and effective techniques, these sessions will introduce you to the tools that can assist in eliminating sleep disorders and reducing stress and anxiety experienced at home and at work Part 3: This session will include: Stress Management -- A 3-minutes breathing practice that you can do at anytime to help Let-Go of overanalyzing and associating yourself with thoughts. This tool can be used both before, during and after a stressful or traumatic experience to help diffuse its impact on the mind and body. Please note: The practices provided in this video are a complement to and not exclusive of any medically prescribed regimen you have. The opinions expressed in the video practical sessions are those of the instructor and are not necessarily endorsed by the University Health Network (UHN). Claims and research are not associated or directly supported by UHN. For more information please visit for current peer reviewed research on Mindfulness and Meditation.

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The Pampered Chef Recalls Ice Cream Dippers

pampered chef ice cream scoop

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with The Pampered Chef, of Addison, Ill., and The Zeroll Company, of Fort Pierce, Fla., announced a voluntary recall of about 20,000 Ice cream dippers.

Hazard: When the liquid-filled ice cream scoop is exposed to warm water, the cap and seal at the end of the scoop handle can fly off with substantial force, posing an impact injury hazard to nearby consumers.

Incidents/Injuries: The Pampered Chef has received 16 reports including damage to kitchen items and six reports of personal injuries including lacerations, bruises and redness caused by caps coming off the base of the handle.

Description: The dippers are metallic gray aluminum with a plastic dome-shaped cap on the base of the handle. "Pampered Chef" is imprinted in the cap. The ice cream dippers measure around seven inches in length. A non-toxic liquid is sealed inside the handle of the product which conducts the heat of your hand to more easily scoop hard ice cream.

Sold by: Pampered Chef consultants and online at from July 2010 through September 2010 for about $ 15.

Manufactured in: USA

Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled ice cream dippers and contact The Pampered Chef for instructions on obtaining a replacement or refund. Consumers can also contact their Pampered Chef consultant for replacement and refund information.

Customer contact: For additional information, contact The Pampered Chef toll-free at (877) 917-2433 between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. CT Monday through Friday and between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. CT on Saturday or visit the firm's website at info collection.jsp. Consumers can also e-mail The Pampered Chef at

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Famen Temple – a respected site to Buddhists around the world

Article by Pushpitha Wijesinghe

Summary - The Famen Temple is of great significance to the Buddhist community here and around the world, as it holds a finger relic of Sakyamuni Buddha. Some 120 kilometers from Xian, the temple is a major tourist attraction in the area.

The Famen Temple is of great significance to the Buddhist community here and around the world, as it holds a finger relic of Sakyamuni Buddha. Some 120 kilometers from Xian, the temple is a major tourist attraction. The temple itself was built during the Han Dynasty to keep the finger of the Buddha. At the centre most point of the temple, you can see a 13 tiered pagoda. There are also many other beautiful buildings that feature architecture of several eras. The Buddhist statues and other relics are beautiful to behold and have intricate work and detail. It is best to set aside 3 hours for this visit.

The visitor to the complex will encounter four principal gates, namely the Prajna Gate, Foguang Gate, Perfect Wisdom Gate and Bodhi Gate. Of these the Foguang Gate is considered to represent the light of the omniscient Buddha which is considered to be able to save all living beings from ages of torment. The Prajna Gate highlights the importance of Buddhist meditation through which perfect wisdom and finally supreme enlightenment can be achieved. Meanwhile the Bodhi Gate is said to represent the attainment of exalted Buddhist perfection through awakening to the supreme Buddhist dharma. On the other hand the Gate of Perfect Wisdom illustrates the principle of 'sunyata', as it consists of gateposts only, representing the Buddhist concept of the 'character of the void'.

Today the priceless finger relic is enshrined in the imposing Namaste Dagoba. The architectural motifs of the dagoba are considered to represent the Buddhist concepts of harmony, concord, peace and unification.

Looking for a Xian accommodation for your next trip to the scenic city? Whether it is for business or pleasure you are sure to find many options to choose from online. Lo! oking fo r an option that fits your style and budget is a must; those who want to look at the service apartments Xian offers would also find a good selection on offer. When making a selection, ensure that the accommodation is centrally located and gives you free rein to explore the city with the main transport routes. In this regard the Citadines Xingqing Palace Xi'an is an excellent choice offering fine accommodations and service.

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Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.

The Goldilocks Principle of Stress: Too Little Is Almost As Bad as Too Much

Getty Images

Getty Images

A life free of stress and adversity sounds blissful. But, in fact, the happiest and healthiest people are those who have had at least some early exposure to negative experiences, according to a new research review.

Despite the popular notion, stress isn't all bad. In fact, low to moderate amounts of stress are necessary for healthy growth. What's harmful is large doses of uncontrollable stress — experiencing a natural disaster, for instance, or living in extreme poverty — particularly in early life. Also harmful, it turns out, is having experienced no stress at all.

The new review adds weight to a growing body of evidence that most brain systems function like muscles: they are strengthened through exposure to gradually increasing loads at the appropriate stages of development, but they will wither without exercise and get injured if they are suddenly overloaded without prior training. The stress system is a prime example.

MORE: Why American Presidents (and Some Oscar Winners) Live Longer

In one study included in the review, which was published in Psychological Science, researchers interviewed 2,000 adults about their lifetime experiences with 37 negative events — things like serious illness or injury, parental divorce, death of a family member, natural disasters and physical and sexual abuse. Participants also provided information about how old they were when the various events occurred.

In addition, the participants were asked about their current levels of distress, their functioning at work and in their relationships, their symptoms of post-traumatic stress and overall life satisfaction. Participants were followed for two years.

Not surprisingly, the more negative experiences people had suffered in the past, the more distress, impairment and post-traumatic stress they reported, along with less satisfaction with life. However, the relationship wasn't linear. "A history of some prior adversity was associated with better outcomes over time than not only a history of high prior adversity but also a history of no prior adversity," the authors wrote.

In other words, there's a sweet spot of stress: too much stress overloads the system and makes life difficult, but having had too little stress causes similar problems. It may be that people who have been through just enough hardship are best able to develop their abilities to cope — and have a more firmly established network of social support — making it easier for them to handle tough experiences later on.

MORE: Study: How Chronic Stress Can Lead to Depression

Another study looked at people with chronic back pain. Again, those who had either no previous adversity or high levels of it had worse function and used more medical services than back-pain sufferers who had experienced some life stress. Indeed, having had an adversity-free life was almost as bad as having had high levels of trauma in terms of disability and prescription pain medication use.

In another study, researchers gauged students' experience of physical pain. The students were asked to submerge one hand in a bucket of freezing water and report how much pain they felt. Afterward, they were interviewed about their emotional experience during the task.

The researchers wanted to know whether the participants were "catastrophizing" the pain task. Catastrophizing involves thinking that the pain will be unbearable and overwhelming — which in turn heightens the perception of pain.

In this study, too, the researchers found that those who had had moderate exposure to adverse experiences were less likely to catastrophize and felt less pain and less associated negative emotion, compared with those with histories of high or no adversity. Catastrophizing itself, in fact, accounted for some of the increase in pain intensity and negative emotion seen in people on both ends of the spectrum.

That makes psychological sense: if you've experienced many disasters, it's not surprising that you'd expect the worst, while if you've had a stress-free life, the novelty of pain itself may provoke intensified fear. In contrast, if your past experiences of stress have been manageable, new ones are less worrisome.

MORE: Viewpoint: Why Tough-Love Rehab Won't Die

So, does this mean you should deliberately expose your children to stressful experience to toughen them up? Mark Seery, assistant professor of psychology at the State University of New York at Buffalo, the author of the study, thinks not.

"Bad things are still bad things," Seery writes, noting that the findings should not be taken to minimize the negative consequences of adversity. "This work does, however, suggest that experiencing adversity may have an upside — a silver lining — in that it may help foster resilience."

For most people, life naturally includes enough stress that there's absolutely no reason for parents to create more for their children. In fact, studies of "tough-love" programs aimed at promoting behavior change find that this is either ineffective or outright harmful.

For babies in particular, the research finds that responsive care — especially soothing them when they cry — is the best way to "educate" their stress systems. Infants first require nurture from caregivers in order to develop the ability to self-soothe. As they grow, however, they will require gradually increasing challenges — not too much, not too little. When it comes to stress, the Goldilocks principle seems to apply.

MORE: How Economic Inequality Is (Literally) Making Us Sick

Maia Szalavitz is a health writer at Find her on Twitter at @maiasz. You can also continue the discussion on TIME Healthland's Facebook page and on Twitter at @TIMEHealthland.

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Article by Jcchristiancounseling

The establishment of this integrative viewpoint of character counseling begins with dialoging and observing of problem feelings. An individual often do not have insight into what the subjects are that need to be addressed, but possibly will have a consciousness of what does not feel right in their surroundings and regular life. Sentiments are viewed as the product of belief systems and thoughts held by the person.

Feelings of anger and bitterness may be present with activities that is both learned and conditioned in answer to these feelings. The psychoanalyst needs to affirm and admit these feelings as indisputable. This is one feature of positive look upon and deference for the experiences that wrought the client. Thoughts based on defective learning upshot in an illogical belief constitution for the individual's progress. Eventually, the counselor's role in this standpoint is to address these faults in programming that uphold the dysfunctional method.

Man is premeditated as an inimitably lucid and ambition oriented individual. Man also builds up, conditions and learns from observing the upbringing and his construal.

Motivation- What is inspiring the feelings of the person to try to create these much loved benefits?

Man hunts for incessantly throughout his lifetime to fulfill his short-range needs when center of attention needs to be redirected to a long-standing outlook. This long term focus is the key to success. Factors to judge when scrutinizing an individual's goals include the knowledge of what they are trying to attain and how they are expecting to accomplish this. This elicits goals and processes that are unrelated with the much loved reward, delight, or escaping of pain. Conversing this develops bonhomie towards resolving the concerns. Contrasting REBT (rational emotive behavior therapy), cognitive and behavior therapies, which are listening carefully on current belief systems to psychoanalytic theory, based on comatose drives, we see the significant dissim! ilarity in perception of trouble resolution. Freud's psychoanalytic theory works to change character and personality structure through the re-identification and renovation of youth incidents. In cognitive therapy, the counselor deals with the client to assay belief systems and confront these with goals and knowledge rooted in the near. Whereas psychoanalytic therapy normally demands two years or more time to see desired results. Cognitive, REBT and behavioral therapy have the skill to transform in as small as seven sessions. Various theories are available for value addition to approaches applied by counselors. Analogy in the theories incorporated creates a counseling milieu where both client and therapist have a procedure that works together towards the resolute. Theory Integration against a promise to only one theory of counseling permit a sole, precise application to the client's needs and plane of capability.

Conclusion The relationship between client and therapist is important for progress and paramount is the client's perception of the relationship. Counseling provides an opportunity for clients to express themselves emotionally, experience catharsis, and discuss problems. Clients learn new behaviors and have an opportunity to practice these behaviors. Additionally, counselors explain clients' problems and how to resolve issues. Individuals in this perspective have an opportunity to change behaviors, emotions, and thoughts through the healing relationship and hope for resolution to their problems.

Online JC Christian Counseling offers inexpensive counseling, and the expediency of getting counseling from residence. The choice of using online counseling depends on the individual and their business, and whether they are free to meet in person. On today's date, there is always help readily available if you are looking for. That we are blessed with modern technology, there are several avenues where one may explore to spot the right helping hand. The purpose of counseling is to be comfortable enough ! to share their private problems and feelings in order to receive the solutions they need. Nothing is judged as good or bad. Right is what works best for that person in trouble. All that matters to the leading giant in counseling- the JC Christian counseling, is that the client receive the optimum help that they need.

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Dr. Lee holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Christian Counseling from New burgh Theological Seminary.She attained both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Social Work from the University of Akron.

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Online counseling

Lenon Honor The Workings of Evil 5 of 21 What is Rihannas song Umbrella about? Is it about a device that protects us from the rain? Is it about a young womans love for a man? Is it about a young womans vagina; her umbrella which opens when rain falls, when it is wet? Building upon the spiritual concepts revealed in The Creator, the gods, Evil, and the Manipulation of Humanity, this documentary elaborates further on the demonic manipulation technology called possession. This documentary is the third in a series of films by Lenon Honor.

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Increased Heart Rate at Rest May Predict Disease

CREDIT: Heart rate via Shutterstock

An increase in the heart rate of people at rest might indicate they are at a higher risk of dying from heart disease than other healthy-appearing people are, a new study from Norway suggests.

The study involved nearly 30,000 men and women without a history of heart disease. Participants whose resting heart rates increased by more than 15 beats per minute over a 10-year period were almost twice as likely to die from ischemic heart disease as those whose heart rates remained stable. Patients with ischemic heart disease suffer from a reduced blood supply to the heart, usually due to a buildup of plaque in arteries.

A rise in resting heart rate was also linked to an increase risk of dying from any cause, but that link was weaker, the researchers said.

The findings suggest an increased resting heart rate may be a way to identify more people who could benefit from measures aimed at warding off heart disease, but more work is needed to validate this, the researchers said. They noted that, because the study participants were relatively healthy, their overall risk of dying from heart disease remained quite small.

A person's resting heart rate can be easily assessed at home, noted study researcher Ulrik Wisløff, of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, in Trondheim.

Changing heart rate

The researchers examined information from 13,499 men and 15,826 women from Norway. Participants had their resting heart rate measured twice: once between 1984 and 1986, and again 10 years later, between 1995 and 1997. Participants were then tracked for 12 more years.

During the follow-up period,3,038 people died. Of them, 975 died from cardiovascular disease, including 388 from ischemic heart disease.

Participants whose heartbeats per minute at rest rose from less than 70 at the first measurement to greater than 85 at the second measurement were 90 percent more likely to die from ischemic heart disease over the study than participants whose resting heart rates were less than 70 beats per minute at both measurements.

This increased risk translates to nine extra deaths per 10,000 people per year, the researchers said.

Participants whose heart rates rose more than 15 beats per minute were also 50 percent more likely to die from any cause, compared with those whose resting heart rates remained stable.

The increased risk remained even after researchers took into account factors that could affect the results, such as the participants' physical activity levels and smoking habits.

A decrease in resting heart rate did not appear to reduce the participant's risk of death during the study period, the researchers said.

Keep your heart rate low

Doctors knew a high resting heart rate isn't good (it is associated with an increased risk of dying from cardiovascular causes), but the new study is one of the first to look at the effect of a change in heart rate over time, said Dr. Christopher Cove, a cardiologist at the University of Rochester (N.Y.) Medical Center.

The findings suggest "if you have a good resting heart rate, that isn't good enough," Cove said. "You have to maintain that over life" to keep up good cardiovascular health.

Researchers need to figure out why a rise in resting heart rate increases the risk of dying from heart disease, Cove said. For instance, is the rise a marker of unhealthy lifestyle habits, or might it indicate an underlying genetic predisposition to the heart disease?

For now, Cove said, people who have high resting heart rates should work to reduce other cardiovascular risks, such as high cholesterol and an unhealthy diet. However, it's still not clear whether such actions will actually slow the resting heart, he said.

The new study will be published tomorrow (Dec. 21) in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Pass it on: A change in resting heart rate over time may increase the risk of death from heart disease.

Follow MyHealthNewsDaily staff writer Rachael Rettner on Twitter @RachaelRettner. Find us on Facebook.

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Article by Maria Jones

Yoga can be practiced at home by oneself easily, without any need for formal instruction. By practicing alone, this enables the body and mind to get in touch with the practice and with the own unique needs of the individual body.Yoga is an ancient practice dating more than 5000 years. It brings health aharmony and peace to the mind and body.The benefits of the practice are felt and realised during the practice and throughtout the day. Yoga enables mental agility and peace, physical flexibilty and strength. The internal organs are deeply massaged and purified, and this takes place during enjoybale and relaxing sretching. There are many forms of yoga and there is no right or wrong way to practice thought there is an age old adage stating that yoga without love is like eating without food.Any age culture size or shape can practice. Yoga is a vast science of spiritualisty, and not a religion. Yoga transcends difference by going to the root of all cultures and differences.There are four paths of yoga, bhakti yoga, meaning devotion, karma yoga meaingin service, jnana yoga which is the yoga of knowledge and hatha yoga which is physcial practice. Hatha yoga is the yoga commonly taught in classes today which consist of physical postures, conatining their own magical and purifying benefits. Ha means sun and tha means moon. Yoga is a balancing of male and female, mind and spirit, body and soul, sun and moon.Originally formutlated to enable the body to sit for meditaiton for many hours without being hurt, there are many techniques to yoga.One technique is to allow the body to move as it feels. Moving and connecting to ones own soul in the process.Kundalini is known as the serpent power which sits in the spine. It is said through certain yogic pratices to awaken, and give insight into universal consciousness. Allowing the body to move as it wishes can awaken the kundalini, and allow the kundalini energy to move through the body. If the body and mind can allow complete surrender to the kundalini, profound blis! s is exp erienced. There is a form of yoga called Kundalini yoga however one should never attempt to force the kundalini to awaken. It should be a natural process, experienced through a steady practice of yoga and meditation. Similarly with Bikram yoga, yoga practiced in intense heat. This causes the body to contract into positions it is not ready for.Also for the delicate nasal passages. One must be more gentle. Pranayama is an important part of yoga. Prana means energy, and pranayama is energy control through breath control. There are many techniques available, all very useful. A daily practice of yoga need not consist of more than ten to fifteen minutes. Yoga practiced with meditation and a healthy balanced diet enables peace, spiritual harmony and bliss in ones daily life.Although allowing the body to move as it feels is beneficial also praciciing the traditional postures is of immense benefit. Each individual posture ofers a variety of different benefits, and ones practice can be tailor made to support ones health.

About the Author

Francesca Marks is asked to instruct yoga and meditation all over the world. Having pracaticed all her life, it is a natural course of life for her. Her students rate her as one of the best yoga teachers in the world. Her style is clear, dynamic, strong and concise. All throughout her life she was travel in amongst many cultures, finding the root of universal consciousness in all, transcending diffences.

Yoga For Kids - Yoga With Cat And Tiger Pose

Watch Shradha Setalvad Teaches Fun Yoga - Kids Learning videos. Learning the various positions is so much informative and helpful. Here we learn the positions of Yoga in a playful manner which is a plus point for the kids. To watch more entertaining educating videos on animation stories nursery rhymes learning series and school poems SUBSCRIBE NOW at To watch more kids animation videos in high quality log onto

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HPV Vaccination Efforts Most Effective If Aimed at Girls, Study Suggests

CREDIT: Dreamstime

The most effective way to reduce the spread of human papillomavirus (HPV) infections through a population is to aim public health efforts at vaccinating a very high percentage of either girls or boys against the disease, but not both, a new study suggests.

The study is based on a new mathematical model of HPV transmission.

Because many countries have started vaccinating girls against HPV, these countries should stick to vaccinating girls, said study researcher Johannes Bogaards, of the department of epidemiology and biostatistics at VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam. Only once most girls are vaccinated should efforts begin to vaccinate boys, and even then, only if there will be an added benefit to male vaccination, Bogaards said.

The findings counter a recent decision by a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) panel, which recommended boys and girls receive the HPV vaccine.

However, other experts say it's premature to make a decision regarding vaccination policy based on one study, said Dr. Joseph Bocchini, professor and chairman of pediatrics at Louisiana State University. In addition, all models make assumptions, which may not necessarily hold up in the real world, Bocchini said.

The study is published this week in the journal PLoS Medicine.

Single-sex vaccination

The HPV vaccine protects against the strains of the virus that are linked to cervical cancer and genital warts.  

Bogaards and colleagues used a general model of the spread of sexually transmitted disease (STD) between heterosexual individuals to identify criteria that would influence the effect of STD vaccination. They then used a more elaborate model of HPV transmission to confirm their results.

The researchers found the most effective way to reduce HPV infections was to vaccinating a single sex. This is because, in the case of heterosexual transmission of the virus, vaccination of one sex also protects the other, Bogaards said.

If you have a limited amount of vaccine, vaccinating 100 percent of women and 0 percent of men will lead to a greater reduction in HPV infections than vaccinating 50 percent of women and 50 percent of men, Bogaards said.

In addition, in most cases, the best strategy is to vaccine the sex that has the highest prevalence of the disease. HPV is more prevalent in women because it causes longer and more persistent infections in women than in men, Bogaards said.

The researchers did conduct another analysis which assumed a small percentage of the population was men who have sex with men. Inclusion of men who have sex with men did not change the overall findings. However, men who have sex with men were not maximally protected from a vaccine policy that only targets women, Bogaards said.

Universal vaccination

In the opinion of Dr. Paul Offit, chief of the director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, a vaccination policy that targets both girls and boys is the best approach. One reason is that this policy can reach men who have sex with men, a group that is at particularly high risk of developing anal cancer, some cases of which can be prevented by HPV vaccination, Offit said.

In addition, vaccination policies that are aimed at only one group have historically not been effective, Offit said. For example, the hepatitis B vaccine was initially recommended only for certain high risks groups, but  after 10 years, the incidence of hepatitis B infection was not changed, Offit said. In 1991, the policy changed to vaccinating all infants, and the disease is now virtually eliminated in young people, he said.

In October, the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended that boys as well as girls receive the HPV vaccine, in part because vaccination rates among women had been very low, said Bocchini, who was chair of the ACIP panel.

Researchers are currently monitoring the outcome of HPV vaccination, and if the strategy of vaccinating boys and girls appears to be effective in terms controlling the virus, Bocchini said the policy will likely stick.

Pass it on: HPV vaccination efforts should be focused on girls, a study suggests.

Follow MyHealthNewsDaily staff writer Rachael Rettner on Twitter @RachaelRettner. Find us on Facebook.

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Stress Relief Programs

Article by Nicole Roberts

There are a number of stress relief programs on the market. Some of the programs work and some don't. Some of the best may be free but take a long time to learn. Yoga, for instance, is a great stress reduction program because it helps you learn deep breathing, one key to stress reduction. You can learn it free frequently through community classes or from instructions on the Internet. However, if you have stress right now, don't expect the yoga to help you immediately. Learning the technique takes time, something people under stress simply don't have.

Athletic endeavors also are great stress relief programs. Long continuous gentle exercise can give you a boost in stress reduction but if you don't have a lot of time, you can shorten it to a half hour. If you ride a stationary bike for approximately 30 minutes at specific levels, you'll increase your endorphins, the body's natural painkiller, which helps to reduce stress.

Most scientists agree that the twenty to thirty minute exercise needs to be broken into three sections. The first section should last eight minutes and be a warm up at 25 percent of the body's capacity. Next, you follow it with another eight minutes at fifty percent capacity. Finally, you need to do the last eight minutes of your ride at 75 percent of your body's capacity to receive the most beneficial results.

Meditation, another method of stress relief, helps you by calming your mind. Studies show that the reduction of stress, through meditation or other methods can help you live longer. The body reacts to stress, real or imagined, physical or mental, as true danger and sets about the flight or fight response. The response changes the body's blood flow, hormone secretions, heart rate and blood pressure to help you fight the enemy or escape him. When you use meditation to relax, it reverses the changes in the body and returns them to normal. Of course, it takes some time to learn it and compared to some stress relief programs, takes longer to get results because ! of this.

Self-hypnosis is another method of relaxation. Tapes often help the person go into a hypnotic state and then suggestions for relaxation are on the tape. While this is often a good way to relax, the effects are immediate and you do need approximately a half hour away from distractions for the tapes to be most helpful.

Just like Yoga and meditation, biofeedback devices can help you train yourself to reduce stress. The difference is that you can use these methods anywhere and they don't take a long time. When you have stress, your heart rate increases and other changes occur in your body. The biofeedback devices give you a visual of that change by monitoring various processes, normally the heartbeat. They help you lower your heartbeat and regulate your breathing by watching the rate on the screen or hand held device and letting you know when it is back to normal.

There are several types of biofeedback devices. One that is particularly easy to use is the emWave Personal Stress Reliever. This handheld device is easy to carry with you so you can use it anywhere you might find stress overwhelms you. It helps you get your breathing and heart rate back to normal and that ends the cycle of stress. Eventually, you'll be able to do this naturally without the device.

No matter which of the stress relief programs you choose, you'll be doing your body a favor by starting it. Stress is the number one killer and the cause of many diseases. It lowers the body's immunity, so it's a participating factor in most others. Finding a stress relief program that's good for you is especially important to live the fullest and healthiest life.

About the Author

Exercises for Stress Reduction & Deep Relaxation - Part 4 of 4 - Deep Conscious Sleep

Using simple and effective techniques, these sessions will introduce you to the tools that can assist in eliminating sleep disorders and reducing stress and anxiety experienced at home and at work. Part 4: This session will include: • Experience Deep Conscious Sleep -- a practice currently used by Top Fortune 500 companies and the US Military for deep relaxation Please note: The practices provided in this video are a complement to and not exclusive of any medically prescribed regimen you have. The opinions expressed in the video practical sessions are those of the instructor and are not necessarily endorsed by the University Health Network (UHN). Claims and research are not associated or directly supported by UHN. For more information please visit for current peer reviewed research on Mindfulness and Meditation.

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Affordable interior design - Relaxing and Unique pool decoration Ideas from Moonlight Interiors

Mind Relaxation
by caribb

Article by Moonlightinteriors

 Swimming pools can create a whole new experience in your backyard. Swimming pool design, from simple to elaborate, has interior decorators are overflowing with new ideas for your home. The basic rectangle and kidney shape designs have evolved into themed multi-tiered dams, desert oases, tropical ponds and meadow lakes. Today, your pool can become a wall-less wonder, reaching out to the view beyond. Enormous new products for cleaning, sanitizing and heating pools is endless.

Psychedelic robots and automatic chlorinators are but two popular innovations. Energy efficiency is also on many pool-owners minds and luckily the industry has responded. If you are considering putting in a new pool or looking for new maintenance options, here are your choices. If you are thinking of a new pool project, and want it to go beyond the basics, just follow the ideas which are given below,

Provide an infinity edge, edge of these pools seems to disappear, to blend into the landscape beyond. This design concept treats the pool as an extension of the home's natural surroundings. It is ideal for a backyard with unobstructed sweeping city or country views, since it draws your vision toward the "invisible" edge and the view beyond. At the pool's edge, water flows gently and evenly over a ledge into a catch trough so that the pool appears to have no walls. Extend new avenues for water to flow from its source or when it leaves the pool. Choices for faux stream and spillways vary from the slick architectural look of tile and concrete to pastoral scenes of water gently splashing over rocks.Showering swimmers under the sun, swimming pool waterfalls range from no splash falls with smooth linear designs to small-scale simulations of Niagara Falls. Some waterfalls are designed to pour off the edge of a platform extending over the pool, extending that shampoo-commercial experience and a secluded spot under which a swimmer can seek refuge or privacy. Bubbling fountains which are splashing into the air not only make a ! sound sh ield for your pool area, but also keep your pool clean and clear. The water's purr will be based on your choice of nozzle-from tight lipped, letting water slip out like glass, to wide mouthed, letting it splash.

In-ground or above-ground, vinyl-lined or fiberglass pools giving the same slick surface usually associated with a spain other words, no more scraped knees and elbows from rough plaster. The vinyl-lined variety comes in a kit for both in-ground and above-ground, perfect for DIY'ers; and the in-ground fiberglass, while a bit more pricey than concrete, is factory-made, available in one piece and necessitates fewer chemicals to maintain.

A thin film of oil on your pool's surface and the mineral deposits on tile that pool filters often miss disappear with this device. It will change these substances into larger particles so that the filter can pick them up. Simply strap it to the return line before the water enters the pool and your chlorine applications will be more efficient and unsightly scale and scum will be gone.

Affordable interior design :Self-propelling and able to slide up a pool's side, automatic pool cleaner offers pool owners more time to sit and dip. Models may vary from using oscillating brushes to pleated seals which scour up, down and all around. For instance, Sta-Rite, Polaris and Kreepy Krauly are some most favored models and Aqua Products makes psychedelic Aquabot Bravo in bright blue and yellow that lights up as it cleans.

Switching to a pump which uses less power and conserves energy. Although which is more expensive than a standard pump, energy-efficient models are very efficient and in the long run they will pay for themselves. Most of the companies offering rebates which make the cost of changing a motor no more than running the existing one. Contact your power company for the names and brands of pumps which are energy efficient. Heat your pool using the solar energy. Water is pumped through solar collectors and deposited into your pool. Thermostats ! regulate the temperature and making your pool comfortable all year round. Most systems are coming up with a back-up heater and solar equipment for roof-top installation.

More types of Home décor

About the Author

Moonlight Interiors was founded by Ebonee Bachman. Ebonee has a B.S. in Interior Design from Radford University and is an ASID Allied Member. She is currently pursuing a M.S. in Management at the University of Maryland University College. She began her interior design career in furniture retail. Ebonee has experience working for a full service interior firm. Her projects consisted of both residential and commercial interior design.(202) 617-6209

The Parable of the Modern Farmer

Editor's note: This is a guest post from Chris Guillebeau of The Art of Non-Conformity.

Once upon a time, there was a farmer. This farmer lived in a different age than his forefathers, who were also farmers.

Instead of specializing in tomatoes or cotton as his ancestors had done, our farmer was gifted with the ability to decide every day what to plant and nurture. By the time the next day rolled around, the previous day's crops were ready for harvest. (In these fields, crops grew very fast.)

While making decisions about his daily planting priorities, the farmer also thought about the meaning of life. Was the purpose of his existence all about ears of corn and bushels of strawberries? No, of course not. The farmer knew he wanted something more than the tasks he worked on while the sun was coming up.

The farmer also knew that in some areas of his life, he wanted to slow down and breathe easy. He did that already, reading Zen Habits every day on his mobile device while plowing the fields. He did not check email until the sun reached high noon, and he maintained few possessions that did not bring joy to his life or regular maintenance for his tractor.

The farmer was in good health, had a loving family, and kept up a routine of picking through carrots and alfalfa each week.

But the farmer knew that this routine was not enough. Deep inside his soul, the farmer wanted a challenge.

The farmer decided he should set out to build something that would improve the state of the world. But what would it be?

At first he was perplexed. "I'm just a farmer," he thought. But then, as he was bringing in a bumper crop of sweet potatoes one afternoon, he began to understand that there was much more he could offer the world than the vegetables he harvested during his day job.

Once he started to think in this new way, the ideas kept coming. Should he begin a community tractor pull, bringing together the neighbors for a friendly competition? Write a highly-trafficked blog on cotton pesticides ("7 Simple Ways to Keep Production High")? Distribute his excess starter crops to an enterprising young farmer in a land far away?

He wasn't exactly sure which project he would choose, and he knew he might change his mind later. But in determining to begin something, the farmer felt a surge of confidence rush over him. The possibilities were as plentiful as the colors in the sunset he viewed each evening from the rocking chair on the porch.

What would the farmer build? How would he ultimately change the world?

As the moon rose over his latest crop and the farmer sat in the chair, he thought about the possibilities and said to himself, "I'm ready." And then the farmer got off his porch and went to work.

Chris Guillebeau is the author of The Art of Non-Conformity blog and bestselling book. You can download his new manifesto on creating a legacy project, The Tower, for free.

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Twitter Reveals When We're Happiest

They may be short but the 140-character messages posted on Twitter can tell researchers something about the state of mind of English-speakers around the world.

Using values assigned to words contained in 4.6 billion messages, also known as tweets, posted from Sept. 9, 2008, to Sept. 18, 2011, researchers were able to track how levels of happiness rose and subsided. 

It turns out the last months of each year, Saturdays and the early mornings are happy times, while January, the first days of the week and late-nights are not. Holidays and individual events, like a royal marriage or the death of a celebrity, can also have significant effects on mood, the team of researchers from the University of Vermont found. Previous research examining global mood swings through the lens of Twitter has found similar patterns.

Collective mood swings

But recently, the overall trend is a gloomy one, their analysis indicated.

"After a gradual upward trend that ran from January to April, 2009, the overall time series has shown a gradual downward trend, accelerating somewhat over the first half of 2011," they wrote in a study published online Dec. 7 in the journal PLoS ONE.

Average happiness, they found, tends to increase during the last months of the years studied, dropping off in January. Happiness also rose over the weekend, peaking on Saturday, then reaching its nadir on Tuesday. [Happiest States Revealed]

Daily happiness generally peaked at 5 a.m. to 6 a.m. local time, then declined, at first rapidly, then more gradually, to the average low of 10 p.m. to 11 p.m., returning to its peak overnight, they found. These results contradict those made by other studies using information from blogs and the social networking site Facebook, the researchers note.

People tweeting after 6 a.m. are more likely to be rising for the day, rather than staying up late, leading to a change in the mental states of those tweeting, they write.

They also found that daily profanity use followed a pattern roughly opposite to that of the daily happiness cycle; for example, an analysis of five common expletives revealed that their use tended to peak during the late night, then plummet in the early hours of the morning, the hours when average happiness rose.   

Good days and bad

There were also days when average happiness rose or sank out of pace with nearby dates. Among outlying dates, happiness was highest on Christmas Day, followed by Christmas Eve. In general, it appeared people became much happier on the holidays.

The only singular, non-annual event to stand out as a positive day was that of Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding on April 29, 2011, they wrote.

There were gloomy days, too. The bailout of the U.S. financial system, enacted in early October 2008, induced a multi-week depression among twitterers. Michael Jackson's death on June 25, 2009, produced the largest single-day drop. 

Words as clues

The researchers turned to a crowd-sourcing service called Mechanical Turk — which pays people small amounts of money to complete certain tasks — and on a scale of 1 to 9 to rate the happiness conveyed by the 10,000 most common English words. When all of the scores were averaged together, the word "laughter" ranked 8.5, while "terrorist" got a 1.3, for example.

The team then applied these values to the words contained in the tweets, which also carried date and time, and sometimes other demographic information, to get a sense of the collective mood.

This approach allows researchers to look over the "collective shoulder of society," said Peter Dodds, an applied mathematician at the University of Vermont and the lead study researcher. [Twitter's Global Impact: Infographic]

"We get a sense of the aggregate expressions of millions of people," said Chris Danforth, a mathematician who worked on study, while noting twitterers are communicating in a "more natural way."

This technique allows them to look at a specific kind of happiness, they said in the study.

"There is an important psychological distinction between an individual's current, experiential happiness and their longer-term, reflective evaluation of their life," the researchers write, "and in using Twitter, our approach is tuned to the former kind."

You can follow LiveScience senior writer Wynne Parry on Twitter @Wynne_Parry. Follow LiveScience for the latest in science news and discoveries on Twitter @livescience and on Facebook.

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  • Inside the Brain: A Journey Through Time
  • Top 10 Fake Celebrity Twitter Accounts
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Buddhism in India

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Spa holidays provide unbeatable relaxation

Article by Paula Mackie

So many of us lead such stressful lives these days, so perhaps it's no surprise that spa holidays are growing in popularity. An increasing number of holidaymakers are eschewing the traditional two weeks on a beach, opting instead for experiences that make you melt into a little ball of comfort. Certainly, when you book a stay at a spa hotel in Cyprus, it's definitely going to be on the indulgent side of things. Imagine those fancy spas in posh places - the ones you only treat yourself to when there's an offer on. Imagine how full of intoxicating aroma it would be; how professional the staff look; how they treat you like royalty. Now forget having to drive home afterwards; remember that you have a luxury room or suite moments away; remember that you're on holiday at a spa hotel in Cyprus. Now have an early-evening stroll along that golden beach that you'd almost forgotten about, and you can completely understand why so many people are insisting on spa holidays.Choose a spa hotel -- Cyprus has some of the bestCyprus is lucky enough to have some of the best spa holidays on offer. They can provide an experience that is second to none. Equipped with the latest beauty and wellbeing equipment, they often use high-class products, such as Molton Brown toiletries. The service isn't fly-by-night either, with staff trained to the very highest standards.Spa holidays can give you a variety of experiences to enjoy. If you love simply being pampered, you can opt for luxurious anti-ageing treatments. Why not take the opportunity of staying in a spa hotel in Cyprus to detox your body, or even your mind? Perhaps you'd prefer to have someone work away your aches and pains with an invigorating massage? Or maybe you're the sort that loves the sauna or steam bath -- they're all available on spa holidays.The beauty of Cyprus and the recuperation of spa holidays make perfect partners Whichever bit of spa holidays take your fancy, be sure to choose a really good spa hotel: Cyprus as a whole is well equipped to deliver a h! olistic experience for you and your loved ones, and a holiday based around a spa hotel in Cyprus will be sure to be the topic of conversation back home for years to come. Let's face it, even if you manage to squeeze in a lifetime's spa experience in only a couple of days, you can still enjoy the rest of your break soaking up the sunshine on Cyprus' fabulous beaches, or relaxing over cocktails in a fashionable bar whilst listening to the waves on the shore. After all, you work hard for the rest of the year, so why not make your holiday as relaxing as possible? Just remember that when it comes to choosing a spa hotel, Cyprus can't be beaten.

If you would like to know more about spa holidays and spa hotel Cyprus,Please visit us.

About the Author

When life is stressful, and you feel like shaking your cares away, why not look to spa holidays? It's easy to pick a spa hotel -- Cyprus is one of the best destinations for spa holidays, combining expertise and style with amazing weather and brilliant beaches. It's the best of both worlds, and it can't be beaten!

NATURE Bird's song - Relax your Mind.

a relaxing song with wonderful pictures, hope you guys enjoy... and relax.

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Develop into Self Conscious with a Totally free Psychic Readings

Article by Kirby Lee

By making use of a totally free psychic readings you are not merely attempting out the psychic but you're trying out the entire on the web psychic reading procedure. A psychic must be able to read you and make a link to your energy before you determine to hire them or use them on an ongoing basis. Numerous people enjoy acquiring their reading on-line as it permits for an extremely individual and relaxed environment. The privacy and capability to ask question freely creates an atmosphere of comfort and allows for a true spiritual connection. You are going to find that this spiritual connection and comfort will result in more awareness of the spiritual realm that is about all of us.

To begin seeking psychics online you are able to try by seeking on a search engine or you can go to psychic forums. By reading by way of these resources you will get an idea of the psychic's abilities and find out a lot more about who they're. You'll be able to also appear at media internet sites like Facebook and Youtube to gather much more info about professional psychics, nevertheless be cautious about psychics who are to overly promotional or pushing sales, this is usually a warning sign. These "corporate" psychics are several times only out funds; any reputable psychic will function with you to provide a totally free psychic reading. If you are nonetheless in doubt or have questions please really feel free of charge to make contact with me at any time.Once you very first start off looking for a psychic readings make certain to check their costs, they may possibly offer you a no cost reading but if their prices are out of reach what's the point? Once you've got discovered a qualified psychic which is within your price range it is time to pursue a totally free psychic reading. Throughout the reading you might desire to record the time together as this can allow you to assessment the information at a later time, this will allow you to in your validation of the psychics capability. A lot of times psychics are gif! ted enou gh to make a connection over a lengthy distances, regrettably sometimes it doesn't function out as you would hope. Ultimately only you are able to make this determination as you ask your questions and obtain your answers.

It is suggested to test a psychic before you begin employing their services on a regular basis. This is 1 reason why folks turn to a no cost psychic reading. You will find times once you will make an instant connection together with your psychic after which you'll find other times where you are going to discover that there's no chemistry or spiritual connection and a lot of sales pitches. Finding the best psychic is just not something you desire to do in a haphazard manner, its greater to wait until you find a person with whom you make a solid link.

You could not realize it but you'll be able to discover a great deal about yourself from a totally free psychic reading. A free psychic reading can assist you to grow as an individual. If you're feeling skeptical or unsure there is a strategy to test the psychic of your choice with no any cost; this is by way of a totally free psychic reading. A no cost psychic reading will assist you to to "test the waters" and spend time with a psychic having a low pressure environment.

About the Author

psychic readings

Kids’ Online Exposure to Sexual Intruders Is Dropping

Teen Online
CREDIT: Library photo via Shutterstock

Children's unwanted encounters with online sexual material have been on the decline for at least five years, according to a new study. Reports by children and teens of unwanted sexual solicitations and exposure to pornography are both down, the researchers found.

The percentage of those ages 10 to 17 who experienced unwanted exposure to pornography declined from 34 percent in 2005 to 23 percent in 2010, and the percentage receiving unwanted online sexual requests declined from 13 percent in 2005 to 9 percent in 2010.

The study, conducted by the University of New Hampshire Crimes Against Children Research Center, looked at data from national surveys conducted in 2000, 2005, and 2010.

"The constant news about Internet dangers may give the impression that all Internet problems have been getting worse for youth, but actually that is not the case," lead author Lisa Jones, a research associate professor of psychology at the center, said in a statement. "The online environment may be improving."

Jones said unwanted sexual solicitations online are down more than 50 percent from 2000, when attention was first drawn to the problem. The researchers noted that unwanted soliciatation or pornography comes from not only adult online predators, but other youth.

"The arrests, the publicity and the education may have tamped down the sexual soliciting online," said study researcher Kimberly Mitchell, another research assistant professor of psychology at the center. "The more-effective safety and screening features incorporated into websites and networks may have helped reduce the unwanted encounters with pornography."

While unwanted sexual encounters declined, reports of online harassment increased to 11 percent in 2010, up 2 percentage points since 2005, according to the study, which was published online Dec. 15 in the Journal of Adolescent Health. Online harassment may not have experienced a decline because it began to garner attention more recently than sexual solicitation, the researchers said.

"Hopefully, the new focus on online harassment will produce some of the same improvements in this problem that we have seen in sexual solicitations," Jones said.

Pass it on:Online youth exposure to unwanted sexual solicitations and pornography has declined, although reports of online harassment among children and teens slightly increased.

Follow Remy Melina on Twitter @remymelina, and follow MyHealthNewsDaily @MyHealth_MHND. Like us on Facebook. 

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Promotional stress balls and mark their Position as an Interesting

Article by Harry Randhawa

Search for great promotional items, companies want products that are going to give them the best branding opportunities. These brands have a much different form, and position your company based on the nature of the product. For example, if you want to distribute to their customers is very expensive advertising pen, you communicate your company as one of the values of class, prestige, and professionalism. If you want your customers to the imprinted tote bags, then you want people to think about your brand, which creates its own features and convenience to customers. While this is all great value, customers are often more receptive to fun attitude, keep them in good spirits. For this purpose, promotional stress balls are perfect.

The best part about advertising stress balls, they are one of the most interesting and fun promotional items on the market today. Nowhere else you can find a product that advertises your brand so that amuses the recipient every time they see it. If you can get your promotional items smile recipient, you are quite a few characters 'gold' in their hands. Using your stress reduction can help you do that every time.

There are literally thousands of promotional stress balls come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your taste. Some of them make use of different bright colors and interesting shapes to keep your customers entertained. Other animals in the form of numbers or symbols to represent your company in a fun way. If there are specific industries such as construction or financing of a promotional stress balls, specially for you. Choosing the right stress ball key is to find one that will be tailored to your company in order to facilitate your company's promotion of fun and exciting.

Not only the appearance of your stress reduction fantastic, but they are a nice touch as well. Made from polyurethane foam stress balls in the recipient can squeeze out an item and throw it around for a little added entertainment. The fact that the share of stress ball ! is in su ch a way to help your company establish its brand name, the recipient in mind that understands how to lighten. No one wants to do business with a company that is too "company" or a stuffy and promotional stress balls to help you avoid this label.

Equally important is engraved on the universality of stress-reduction, because they can be easily distributed to any ad space. You can experiment with their own distribution site, in accordance with the stress balls that you subscribe to a topic. For example, if you are starting a campaign of summer, you may want to subscribe to the beach ball stress balls and give them to the beach. If you plan to attend trade shows and industry exhibitions, and a promo reduce stress in your industry may be appropriate. The possibilities are really endless, as long as you know how to properly carry out the distribution.

The use of advertising stress balls, you can effectively market their brand of fun and entertainment, fashion, so that customers really appreciate. Once you have the proper perception of the public, then you can branch out in different ways, different branding opportunities for development. Of course, you do not want to build your brand, just an interesting light on this, as you may fall through the "goofy" and not reliable. As long as you use some common sense and use of your stress reduction through reason, then you will be well on their own and develop the brand also mark.

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Six Types Of Meditation

Article by Steve Gillman

There are so many different types of meditation. How many? Who knows, but enough so that you can find the one that's right for you. To get your search started, here are six types of meditation you can try.

1. Breath watching. Can meditating be as simple as paying attention to your breath for a few minutes? You bet. Relax in whatever position works best for you, close your eyes and start to pay attention to your breathing. Breathing through your nose gets your diaphragm involved and gets oxygen all the way to the bottom of your lungs. As your mind wanders, just re-focus your attention on the air going in and out of your nose. Just do this for several minutes, or longer as you get used to it.

2. An empty mind meditation. Meditating can create a kind of "awareness without object," an emptying of all thoughts from your mind. The techniques for doing this involve sitting still, often in a "full lotus" or cross-legged position, and letting the mind go silent on its own. It can be difficult, particularly since any effort seems to just cause more business in the mind.

3. Walking meditations. This one gets the body involved. It can be outside or simply as a back and forth pacing in a room. Pay attention to the movement of your legs and breathing and body as you walk, and to the feeling of your feet contacting the ground. When your mind wanders, just keep bringing it back to the process of walking and breathing. Meditating outside in this way can be difficult because of the distractions. If you do it outside, find a quiet place with level ground.

4. Mindfulness meditation. A practice Buddhists call vipassana or insight meditation, mindfulness is the art of becoming deeply aware of what is here right now. You focus on what's happening in and around you at this very moment, and become aware of all the thoughts and feelings that are taking your energy from moment to moment. You can start by watching your breath, and then move your attention to the thoughts going through your mind, the ! feelings in your body, and even the sounds and sights around you. The key is to watch without judging or analyzing.

5. Simple mantra meditation. Many people find it easier to keep their mind from wandering if they concentrate on something specific. A mantra can help. This is a word or phrase you repeat as you sit in meditation, and is chosen for you by an experienced master in some traditions. If you are working on this alone, you can use any word or phrase that works for you, and can choose to either repeat it aloud or in your head as you meditate.

6. Meditating on a concept. Some meditative practices involve contemplation of an idea or scenario. An example is the "meditation on impermanence," in which you focus on the impermanent nature of all things, starting with your thoughts and feelings as they come and go. In the Buddhist "meditation on the corpse," you think about a body in the ground, as it slowly rots away and is fed on by worms. The technique is used to guide you to an understanding that your rationalizing mind might not bring you to.

There are many other meditations you can try, such as the "meditation on loving-kindness" or "object" meditation, and even meditating using brain wave entrainment products. Each type has its own advantages and effects. For this reason, you may find that at different times and for different purposes you want to use several different types of meditation.

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Steve Gillman has meditated and studied meditation for over twenty years. You can find a good mindfulness exercise and subscribe to The Meditation Newsletter at:

Deepak Chopra's Introduction to Meditation - Part 1,1

First segment of Part 1 of Dr. Chopra's series on meditation.

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Buddhist Tours India- Five Best Buddhist Sacred Sites

Article by Amit kothiyal

Originated in India, Buddhism preaches the path of practice and spiritual development and is one of the most followed paths with the teaching that have the utmost relevance. A lot of people aspire to understand, follow and know more about Buddhism in order to bring peace and calm in their lives. They travel to the finest and most popular Buddhist sacred sites of the world to understand and experience Buddhist teachings and lifestyle. This article states five best Buddhist sacred sites in India so that every Buddhist follower can understand the development of Buddhism in India more accurately through Buddhist tours.Lumbini - Place of Buddha's birthLocated in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal nearby the Indian border, Lumbini is the place where the founder of Buddhism and apostle of peace and enlightenment, Lord Buddha was born. It is a place that is visited by every Buddhist devotee and spreads awareness and knowledge about the foundation of Buddhism. The places like Sanctum-Sanctorum of the Birthplace, Maya Devi Temple, Puskarni, The Ashokan Pillar, The Buddhist Temple, The China Temple, Japan Peace Stupa let the followers of Buddhism understand the religion even more.Bodhgaya - The site of Buddha's enlightenmentKnown as the site of Lord Buddha's Enlightenment, Bodhgaya is the place where Lord Buddha attained unsurpassed, supreme Enlightenment and that is the reason why it is visited and seen by the devotees all over the world. Some of the most visited places among Buddhism tours and travelers in Bodhgaya, Bihar are Mahabodhi Temple, Mahabodhi Tree, The Chinese Temple Monastery, The Japanese Monastery,The Tibetan Monastery, Thai Monastery, Buddhist Monastery of Bhutan, Ratnagar, Animeshlochan Chaitya.Deer park - Sarnath - First SermonAfter attainment of the unsurpassed enlightenment at Bodhgaya, Lord Buddha went to Sarnath to preach his first discourse in the Deer Park and to set in motion the 'wheel of Dharma'. Located in Benares, Sarnath is one of the most visited hol! y places that teach Buddha's teachings.Shravasti -Buddha gave many teachings in the GroveLocated about 150 km from the capital city of Lucknow, Shravasti is Buddha's favorite rainy season retreat where he gave many teachings in the Grove. In fact, it is said that Lord Buddha performed his first miracle in Shravasti.Kushinagar - Place of Passing AwayLocated near Gorakhpur in the eastern Uttar Pradesh, Kushinagar is where the last memories of Lord Buddha are found. He fell ill and passed away in Kushinagar. His mortal remains were conserved in eight commemorative chortens, and then further distributed by King Ashoka.

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Early Morning Buddhist Inspiration - 12/20/2011

"It is flooded water that makes mud; it is clean water that wipes away mud."

~Buddhist Quote
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Ven. Jian Zhen (鉴真大和尚)

In 742 AD, two Japanese monks, Yoei and Fusho, visited Ven. Jian Zhen in Yangzhou and told him about their desire to take the Buddhist precepts to Japan. Sensing the urgent need of the Japanese Buddhists, Venerable asked his disciples if any of them was willing to shoulder the important task of going to Japan to promote the precepts. When no one spoke up, Venerable volunteered himself; and he made five attempts to sail to Japan since 743 AD Even when he lost his eyesight, he still held on to his aspiration. On his sixth attempt, the Venerable eventually arrived in Japan. The Venerable had since made great contributions to the development of Buddhism in Japan, as well as, in culture, architecture, Chinese medicine. Coming soon...

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