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5 Ways To Make the Best Out of Your Yoga Session With Superfoods

Article by Paul Fitzgerald

Want to be fit and healthy? Then why not try doing Yoga. Yoga according to Wikipedia, is a healing system that has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. Yoga is a combination of breathing exercises, physical posture and meditation. It is a mind-body intervention that reduces the health effects of generalized stress. Though Yoga is a spiritual practice that evolved in Hinduism, the Western world has created a purely physical exercise known as Asana.

From a survey that was released in May 2004 by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Yoga is the 5th most commonly used complementary and alternative medicine therapy in the united States during 2002. In the Yoga Journal magazine in February 2005, they have revealed that there are already 16.5 million Americans who spend as nearly as billion yearly on classes and Yoga related products.

So if you want to join those 16.5 million Americans then here are some tips on how to prepare for Yoga. First we talk abut your attire. In Yoga it is advisable that you wear discreet clothing which you can move easily in. Examples of these would be bike shorts, footless tights, T-shirts and importantly, a clean bare feet.

Before that though, you need to inform your teacher if you are pregnant, menstruating, have other physical problems and medical conditions so that the type of Yoga given to you would be adjusted.

In Yoga sessions, you can bring your own Yoga mat which needs to have your name on it. Other equipment though is already provided by the instructors. You should also arrive at classes 10 minutes before. Then to avoid any disruptions during the sessions, you are supposed to turn off mobile phones since a simple ring or vibration can distract your concentration and others. You are also to keep casual conversations during class into a minimum.

It is also advised that you are not to eat a meal any closer than the three hours before classes but a light snack one hour before is okay. A good light snack wou! ld be th e raw organic superfoods Raw Cacao Powder. This raw organic superfood helps the body give fuel and is perfect for Yoga, Tai Chi and other competitive sports. Raw Cacao Powder can be blended with shakes, coffee, tea and fruits.

What makes Raw Cacao Powder perfect for Yoga practitioners is that it contains rare key nutrients that enhance the physical and mental well-being. This raw organic superfood also contains more antioxidant flavanoids than Red wine, Green Tea and Blueberries. It also has essential minerals such as Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Sulfur and Potassium.

Hope the information here has helped you prepare for your Yoga classes. Good Luck and stay fit and healthy!

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Berries, Maca, Phytoplankton, Sacred Chocolate, and more....

Barely Political Guys Attempt Yoga With Tara Stiles

Yoga guru Tara Stiles visits the Barely Political guys to help rescue their aching backs, but in the end, is she the one who needs rescuing? Want more yoga? Click: Want more from Barely Political and the Key of Awesome?

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Introduction to Yoga for Fitness

Article by Zima Tarimo

A body-mind-spirit harmony is what yoga means to achieve so it means a lot more than just meditation. In all probability, this is the oldest personal development holistic system known to man. There's a holistic approach to this ancient science and it involves healing the body mind and soul and making them grow stronger.

Yogi and Yogini refer to male and female practitioners of yoga respectively. Indian philosophy has six orthodox systems, of which this is one and is considered an applied science of the body and the mind. Comprehending the philosophy of it is a lifetime pursuit and it is just not about squatting in lotus position and chanting.

Practicing Yoga is one of the most effective ways of handling stress and it also effective in treating back problems that result due to postural defects. People who have cancer practice this in addition to other therapies as it makes them feel good. This can be practiced in the morning before breakfast which is the best time.

There are many types of this ancient practice, a few of them are stated below: The practice of this yoga is meditation and methods that help in controlling the body, mind, energy and the senses. Kundalini Yoga - This is very popular and is a safe and unstressed practice, providing quick results.

Hatha Yoga is combined set of postures known as asanas and breath control known as pranayama and it is the foundation for modern postures or asanas. Sahaja Yoga - This is a unique meditation based method for self realization, Kundalini awakening. Moksha Hot Yoga - This is another form of yoga performed in a heated room, combining the foundation of traditional yoga with the precision of therapeutic yoga.

Yoga is getting famous nowadays and is being practiced by both the young as well as the old people as it is good for people of all ages. This may be due to the fact that yoga is something one has to do and not something done to or on one. You build flexibility and endurance and it is gentle on the body.

Yoga ! is becom ing popular among soldiers who are keen in working on their stamina, mental focus and flexibility as per Fit Yoga and the Associated Press. The practice should not only be taken as an exercise but should also be accepted as a method to develop happiness and harmony from within.

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You can visit: Introduction to yoga for fitness and yoga huntington new york for more information.

How To Work Your Conscious Mind And Subconscious Mind

Article by Sanmay Patel

DMT - A Connection to the Universe!

This is my first attempt at re-creating some of my visual and audio experiences. The artwork are my re-created renditions of images I have seen during my personal trip, and some artwork and images from online sources. With permition and credit to rightful owners. I used Acid Pro 4.0 for the audio/music (a first for me) I tried to capture and embody both what i was hearing and feeling/sensing as sound and images, from the beginning and throughout my experince. Of course what I had truly seen, heard and experienced was infinitly vast and uncomparable by any physical means known to technology or imagination. The infinite possibilities of visions, shapes, happenings and experiences are extremley indescribable and everything learned is lost in the blink of an eye. I hope to see what others are able to recreate through their own experiences and imaginations.

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Spirit Voyage Music promises to make your spiritual life dynamic

Article by Shirin Joshi

Spirit Voyage is an online music company which offers a huge as well as appreciable collection of spiritual music CDs and DVDs. This collection of spiritual music can help people in practicing yoga and meditation. Yoga is an ancient Vedic art of controlling human mind, body and soul through regular practice of some physical exercises. Music and yoga have a long heritage of creating magic together. The calm and the healing sounds of spiritual music, specially yoga music, penetrates the whole being of an individual and makes it pure as crystal. Such kind of music acts as accelerator or concentrator of mind. As the loud sound and noise tends to distract and disturb the mind, light soothing sound effects positively by helping the mind to relax. Meditation music is also another kind of soothing music which fills up the mind with divine serenity.

Music is an important part of the yogic or spiritual life of a human being. The yoga music offered at Spirit Voyage is vast and varied in range. From drum music and high energy yoga grooves for a high energy yoga session to a calm and soothing yoga music, from Kundalini yoga music and Sanskrit mantras to soulful instrumental music and downtempo and chill music, it's all here. One just needs to browse through all the music categories and pick the perfect one. The music CDs and DVDs offered here are aimed to enhance the yoga and meditation practice of an individual. Composed and sung by experts like Snatam Kaur, WAH!, Donna De Lory, Gurmukh and many more, this collection is sure to set the right mood for yoga practicing.

In ancient times, various musical instruments were used in yoga ashrams in yoga training. Vedic chants and mantras were used which were believed to create a flow of melody, thus, induce the concentration of the mind. This powerful ground of spiritual music set up an ambiance for a successful sadhana. Spiritual music like meditation music helps to penetrate into the deeper level of self-awareness and ultimately the practitioner reach! es the e xtreme point to merge with the Primordial vibration. Nowadays, music is used in yoga sessions for relaxation and ensuring a guided meditations. People even use such kind of soothing devotional music as background sound for practicing various forms of yoga such as Kundalini yoga, Ashtanga yoga, asanas and pranayama etc.

Each yoga DVD, CD and MP3 collection available at Spirit Voyage tends to invoke strong mood and influence the subtle energy fields within. It will direct our consciousness to achieve the higher realms of spirituality. Beat, Breath and Mantra by Dharam, Deliverance by Shimshai, Japa by Dave Stringer, Into Grace by Guru Shabad Singh, Nirvana Groove by David and Steve Gordon, Beautiful Day: The Aquarian Sadhana by Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa are few from the collection. With the extensive collection of Spirit Voyage Yoga DVDs and CDS, practicing any yoga forms - Kundalini yoga or Ashtanga yoga is made much more easier. Pick the best yoga DVD and delve into that deeper level of spirituality where the human soul reunites with the Omnipotent soul.

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The author writes of Spirit Voyage which is engaged in offering various kinds of yoga music and meditation music.The company offers different CDs and DVDs for practicing Kundalini Yoga and other yoga forms.

Alzheimer's Drug May Impair Memory

brain, disease, memory, learning
CREDIT: Brain image via Shutterstock

VANCOUVER – A class of drugs being investigated to treat Alzheimer's disease may actually have the opposite effect of the original intent — they may impair memory, a new study in animals suggests.

The drugs, known as BACE1 inhibitors, are designed to prevent the formation of the protein plaques in the brain that are a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease. However, the new study suggests these drugs interfere with the brain's wiring, potentially affecting the formation of new memories.

While the drugs aren't approved by the Food and Drug Administration, several companies are pursuing their development, and some have been tested in human trials.

The new findings are not a red light for BACE1 inhibitor development, study researcher Robert Vassar, a professor of cell and molecular biology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, said here today at the American Association for the Advancement of Science's annual meeting. But researchers should proceed with caution, Vassar said.

"It's something the drug makers need to keep their eyes out for," Vassar told MyHealthNewsDaily.

The enzyme BACE1 is involved in forming amyloid beta proteins, which aggregate to form plaques. The drugs are based on the idea that blocking the enzyme could slow the disease, or help with symptoms.

However, Vassar's study found BACE1 has another role in the brain, guiding the growth of axons — the long, slender appendages of nerve cells. In a sense, BACE1 is like an electrician, Vassar said, helping to wire up the brain.

In the study, Vassar and colleagues genetically engineered mice so they did not have the BACE1 enzyme. The mice had an incorrectly wired olfactory system, which is used for the animal's sense of smell.

"It's like a badly wired house," Vassar said.

While the wiring of this system takes place mainly during development, brain cells die and regenerate throughout life, so there is a continuous need for axon guidance, Vassar said.

Vassar said he suspects other parts of the brain, such as the hippocampus, may be affected by BACE1 inhibition, and that the new results may explain why previous studies in mice lacking BACE1 showed certain defects, including mild impairment on memory tests.

It's not clear whether the same thing happens in people. And even if it does, these drugs may still have a use against Alzheimer's, Vassar said.

"These BACE1 blockers might be useful at a specific dose that will reduce the amyloid plaques but not high enough to interfere with the wiring. Understanding the normal function of BACE1 may help us avoid potential drug side effects," Vassar said.

Pass it on:  Studies in animals suggest a class of Alzheimer's drugs may have detrimental affects on memory, and development of these drugs should proceed with caution, researchers say.

Follow MyHealthNewsDaily staff writer Rachael Rettner on Twitter @RachaelRettner. Find us on Facebook.

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ISKCON Temple: A fusion of Ancient Spirituality and Modern Technology

Article by Pushpitha Wijesinghe

ISKCON or the International Society for Krishna Consciousness is a Hindu denomination based on the Bhagavad-Gita. Enriched by an ancient history of 5500 years, the movement envisages to aid people across the world to achieve god-realization which leads to unity, peace and spiritual understanding. From obscure beginnings ISKON has grown into a global network of over 350 temples, schools, farms and special ventures. The Bangalore ISKCON body operated from a rented house until the present temple of magnificent proportions was commenced in 1987. The 32 crores building which was completed in 1997 was entirely financed by fund raisers and donations of devotees within Karnataka. Situated on a large monolithic rock known as the Hare Krishna Hill, the temple is a unique architectural fusion of traditional Karnataka and bold modern elements. The gopurams of the temple are of special interest due to the use of steel, concrete and glass which strikingly differentiate them from general temple gopurams. In addition one of the largest gopurams in the world is also found here. The temple also contains one of the world's tallest Dwajastambhas which towers at an amazing 56 feet. The principle temple hall which features 6 galleries is capable of accommodating 2000 people. The richly ornate hall contains the principal deities and altars and is used to perform daily and special devotional activities. The Dwarakapuri Hall is available for auspicious functions such as wedding celebrations. Religious discourses on the Bhagavad-Gita and the Srimad Bhagavatam are conducted daily at the Pravachan Hall. The ISKON Temple also provides local craftsmen with an outlet for their products in order to promote and preserve the traditional handicrafts of the region. The ISKCON Temple and Bangalore's manifold attractions that combine the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of Karnataka as well as its vibrant modernity can be easily experienced by lodging at a luxury hotel Bangalore. One of the finest Bangalore hotels, marked by trad! itional hospitality and every modern convenience, The Leela Palace Kempinski Bangalore ensures its guests an unforgettable stay in the city.

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Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.

Rothschild World Part 3 "All Enemies both Foreign and Domestic"

After a long train of abuses, the American people are once again crying out to our trusted protectors. Who must, by way of their oath, defend the American people against all enemies both foreign and domestic! 2012: love principle consciousness message to the human race...wake up. Salvatore J Parisi, Author The Matrix of Existence, What is Real? call metatrons cube tesseract hypercube multi dimensions be aware crop circles & petroglyphs around the world what the elite don`t want you to know music mp3 Lost Civilizations Atlantis Crop Circles Mu Lemuria Sphinx Ancient Egypt Mayan Calendar Aztec Doomsday End of World Planet Nephlim time kornkreis pole shift Nostradamus Experiment Pyramids Prophecy predictions precession equinox Moses Ramses Maya Kalender Revelations Armageddon Golden Calf Exodus Prophecy/Predictions new paradigm 2012 shamanism shift cleansing 2012 new world new earth hopi prophecy 2012 December Dec 21st 2012 Apocalypse end world Rapture time asteroids Nostradamus native american calentamiento end of world end of the world as we know it end of paradigm new paradigm change Extreme Weather Patterns Maya END OF THE WORLD DOOMS DAY NEW AGE change evoloution shift timewave zero terence mckenna 2012 sightings nostradamus dimensional shift omega dedroidify Mayan Calendar Apocalypse Pinchbeck i ching prophecies prophecy alien ufo illuminati solar radiation Harmonic Convergence Great Shift cosmic cycle Pleiades The Photon belt Great Shift the wave of love red elk ...

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Coping With Holiday Stress

Article by Regina Pickett Garson

The holidays are upon us and instead of leisurely sipping eggnog around the fireplace, we find ourselves in a frenzy trying to get all too many things done in anticipation of that one perfect, albeit elusive holiday moment.

Despite expectations, holidays are a time when many of us end up so stressed and overworked, the joy is completely lost. Nonetheless, the holidays really should be about family, friends, renewal, and even fun.

As we all know, achieving any dream is not magic, it is mostly hard work. It is worth it though, otherwise we wouldn't go at it so hard year after year. A little bit of balance and planning can go a long way toward de-stressing the holidays and making at least some of those holiday dreams a reality. Here are some tactics to help you deal with the pressures of the holiday season.


Prioritize, organize and simplify. Sit down and think about your goals. What do you really want out of the holidays? What do you need? What does your family want and need? Don't make assumptions. Talk about it. Needs and expectations change as children grow and family networks variously shrink and expand. Disgruntled family members mean stress for all.


Establish your budget realistically and conservatively. There is pressure from every direction to overspend during the holidays. But spending now with the knowledge you will still be paying it off this time next year can zap every bit of the joy out of the season. Be realistic and be honest. Set your budget and stick to it. Despite what advertisers want you to think, the reason for the season is not to spend as much money as possible.

Schedule your Time.

Be just as realistic about your time as you are about your money. Cooking big meals may not be practical. Use convenience foods or pre-cooked options to round out your holiday table. Don't be afraid to ask others to pitch in. Do your shopping online instead of at the mall, and have the gifts delivered. Realistically decide which ! invitati ons you will accept and which ones you will not. Discuss priorities openly with friends and family members. Reevaluate and reduce you commitments to bring them in line with manageable reality.

Remember to Relax.

It is easy to forget your everyday good habits during holidays. The stress and frenzy of the season can quickly take its toll. None of us want to be that horrible relative who always manages to spoil the fun for everyone else. Be consciously aware of your stress and fatigue levels. Take a deep breath before you fly off the handle. Learning to keep your cool not only helps reduce the harmful effects of excess stress on your mind and body, it will also help keep stress levels down for all those around you and everybody will be more relaxed and have more fun.


Experts everywhere acknowledge the value of good aerobic exercise in stress reduction and well being. We all know this fact, but often forget it during holidays. Don't. Even if it is only for a few minutes at a time, incorporate physical exercise into your day. Spend a few minutes on your exer-cycle. Take a quick walk. Take the stairs. Is there dancing at the holiday party? Join the fun. It's good for you. Get the idea? Holiday or no, make grabbing opportunities for exercise a regular part of your everyday routine.

Watch What you Eat.

Good nutrition is for good health and every day feel-goods. It is easy to load up on junk during holidays, especially when you may not have time for real meals and then face lavish party spreads. The whole process wreaks havoc with your waistline and your health. You slow down, and your disease resistance is compromised. As a result, you can end up run down and sick right in the middle of the festivities. Despite endless yummy temptations, you do need to make certain your body is properly nourished. Grab a piece of fruit instead of dipping into that candy bowl and at the very least remember your vitamins.

Watch your Alcohol Consumption.

Food is not the ! only hol iday temptation. Be aware of your alcohol limit and drink responsibly. A season of festivities can be draining in more than one way. Pace yourself, especially if you have a round of parties to attend. Even a couple drinks can reduce your energy level the next day, and if you have a heavy schedule, you may want to go pass on the alcohol altogether. You can count on a hangover spoiling the next day completely, and if you have plans with others, it may be more than your own day that is spoiled. Needless to say, if you are an alcoholic, holidays are not the time to skip AA meetings.

Get Adequate Rest.

Sometimes easier said than done, since the holidays can be a true frenzy. There are gifts to buy and wrap, cards to send, parties to attend, parties to throw, houses to clean, meals to cook and in the middle of all this, most of us still have jobs to do, kids to take care of and families that need our attention. Just thinking about it can make you tired, but fatigue and overwork impair judgment, and shorten tempers. It will wear you out physically and emotionally. And the lovely holiday you were working so hard to create can be dashed by hurt feelings exacerbated by stress induced snipping. Don't be ashamed to take a nap. And don't be ashamed to admit that you need one. Quiet relaxing moments may need to be scheduled. They are essential to your well-being and to a happy holiday season.

Practice Realistic Acceptance.

In all this welter of do's and don'ts, realize there are some things (and people) you will never be able to change. You will be a lot calmer if you can realistically accept, what is unchangeable. Holiday get-togethers are not the place to vent over past wrongs.

Emotional Well Being.

Attend to your emotional needs. For many reasons holiday occasions often reopen old wounds. We all experience loss in our lives, and the season can make a recent divorce or death in the family seem unbearable. Take active measures to take care of yourself. Go to your place of wors! hip. Att end to your spirituality. Although it may sound quaint today, attending a religious service can be very healing. Beyond that, talk about what bothers you. Vent your rage. If for whatever reason, you cannot talk about it to a friend or family member, get a therapist or call a telephone counseling line. There is a free one in most cities. Keeping a journal is one of the oldest forms of therapy, and it too is free. Attending to your emotional needs does not mean spilling your guts at the holiday table, it means finding a safe place for support and using it when needed.

Make Peace with Yourself.

This is not a luxury, it t is a necessity. Time-honored methods of nourishing body and soul include; prayer, yoga, meditation, Tai Chi and devotions. On a daily basis, it is one of the best things you can do to maintain both your serenity and your sanity. Even if you only have a few minutes to do it, make peace with yourself every day.

Remember, no matter what day you celebrate, the holiday season is indeed a season. Prepare to take care of yourself throughout. Schedule time to exercise and relax each day, even if it is only for a few brief moments. Be aware of other's needs as well. Be especially aware if anyone close to you has suffered a great loss in the recent past. In many ways the holidays, which are widely heralded as times of great joy, are also times of great sorrow. That too can be overwhelming. Take deep relaxing breaths when you feel emotions rising or tempers flaring. Above all, do not take everything personally. Realize that under stress (and yes the holidays are stressful) people often say things they normally would not. Do not let them get to you and you will all feel better for it. Take care of yourself and the ones you love.

Have a peaceful stress free holiday.

Copyright 2005 Regina Pickett Garson

About the Author

Regina Pickett Garson edits and publishes Magic Stream -- which is among the earliest online self-help and wellness resources. She teaches at Virginia College in Huntsville, Alabama.

Leading@Google: Andrew Bernstein

Andrew Bernstein spoke to Googlers in Mountain View about his book The Myth of Stress: Where Stress Really Comes From and How to Live a Happier and Healthier Live. The talk was recorded on December 15, 2010. About The Myth of Stress: Where does stress come from? Financial pressures? Looming deadlines? Conflicts at work or at home? For more than half a century, we've been told that stress comes from circumstances like these, that it's a by-product of our ancestors' fight-or-flight response to danger, and that the best we can do, given the fast pace of life today, is to breathe, try to relax, and accept that life is hard. All of this, according to Andrew Bernstein, is wrong. Spurred by the death of several family members when he was young, Bernstein began a quest to understand the real dynamics of stress and resilience. He eventually realized that stress doesn't come from your circumstances—it comes from your thoughts about your circumstances. More specifically, stress is created by a particular kind of thought that humans happen to excel at. Seeing this, Bernstein realized that the antidote to stress—and the key to far greater resilience—is not exercise or physical relaxation, but finding these stress-producing thoughts and finally dismantling them. He created a process called ActivInsight that helps you—and the people you care about—do this on your own in just seven steps, often yielding life-changing breakthroughs in a matter of minutes. Bernstein has been teaching ...

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Master Spiritual Wealth Creation and Finally Earn What You're Worth

Article by Marcia Bench

What is the purpose of your business?If you said "to help people" or "to change the world" or "to express my life's purpose," you're partly right! But in fact, the purpose of your work overall is those things; the purpose of your business is to make a profit. Otherwise, what you have is a hobby you enjoy - but not a profitable enterprise (the definition of business).

Too many spiritually-minded coaches have been taught by the mass consciousness that you can't be spiritual and be wealthy too. With the birth of the Entrepreneurial Renaissance, however, the principles of spirituality and wealth are increasingly blending. Doesn't it set a better example for your clients, workshop attendees and product purchasers to see you prospering, enjoying your life, expansively giving to causes you believe in, and living comfortably - instead of struggling?

The times we are experiencing - especially this year - are requiring that we get real - and stop fooling ourselves that overspending and hoping someone will come and rescue us from our own excesses (regardless of that is in overeating, overspending or overleveraging our resources). Prince Charming isn't coming! <G>

But true wealth is not measured just by the amount of reve_nue your business generates or the number of clients you are working with - let alone the size of home you have or the care you drive. Spiritual Wealth consists of living the life you love, that is perfect for you - not the life someone else told you was the ideal. Do you know what that is for you?

Maybe it means you have more time with your children, or time and money to have a spa day every couple of weeks. Or perhaps your Spiritual Wealth means having enough disposable in_come to splurge on a new outfit once in a while, but also give to the charities of your choice and maintain your health through a gym membership.

Rather than giving you the "4 principles of attracting mon_ey now," I'd like to challenge you to think about what your true wealth is - ! tapping into your voice, not what you have been told or taught or what is working for someone else. Then, the plan to create it becomes easy.

I wish you wealth!

To learn more, find out about this and 7 other critical aspects of developing your Purposeful Brand at our upcoming 3-day Virtual Intensive, Purposeful Branding Secrets: just click here for details Leverage Your Purpose

About the Author

Marcia Bench is a Spiritual Business Strategist and Coach for conscious entrepreneurs in service-, information- and professional businesses. She is the CEO of Purposeful, as well as the Founder/Director of Career Coach Institute and other coach training companies, with more than 23 years of experience in coaching and consulting. She has authored 23 books including The Tao of Entrepreneurship and has given hundreds of live and teleclass presentations.

Jay-Z & Kanye West - Ni**as In Paris Exposed!! (illuminati satanic)

Third eye is just another name for witchcraft. The third eye (also known as the 3rd or inner eye) refers in part to the 6th chakra (brow) in certain eastern spiritual traditions. that leads to higher consciousness(example alpha state and theta state). A new age symbol of enLIGHTenment. It is a hypnotic state. Spiritually this opens you to the spiritual realm (the demonic realm) THis is occultic and satanic. To open the "third eye" or open yourself to the demonic realm one way is through meditation. Through this you acheive an altered state of consciousness. In other words through this you are hypnotized. Meditation is also "emptying your mind". (when you empty your mind you allow demons to take over). The Chakra usually relates to yoga.Those using yoga as a means of enlightenment get results by meditation, forced breathing patterns and using unnatural positions to go to the higher consciousness (demonic realm). Third eye is also know as: The middle eye of Shiva in Buddhism. In Hinduism it is the eye of clairvoyance. In Egypt it is known as The Eye of Horus or the Eye of Osiris. In Freemasonry, it is the All Seeing Eye. The same one that is found on our one dollar bill. This All Seeing Eye is surrounded by light. It also represents Lucifer (satan) who is the head of the demonic realm. Many people use MUSIC (some called "binaural beats" "satanic beats" ect.) and/or visuals(Kaleidoscope images) to activate the third eye. As you meditate on the music you become hypnotized ...

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Republicans want laws to be optional. Drink & drive!

Until I read Rich Lowry's column in the Oregonian today, I didn't realize how wacko the religiousy libertarian wing of the Republican Party had become. 

Way wacko. 

Following Lowry's logic about why Catholics with a moral distaste for contraception shouldn't have to comply with health insurance laws that apply to everybody else, apparently anybody with a moral objection to any law should be able to ignore it.

About a month ago, people who thought religious institutions shouldn't be forced to pay for things they morally oppose were unremarkable, boring even. Now, they are waging a heinous War on Women.

Through the twisted logic of statism run amok, opposition to a new Health and Human Services mandate forcing employers to buy insurance covering contraceptives becomes opposition to access to contraceptives altogether.

...The Catholic bishops are merely fighting to keep institutions affiliated with their church from getting coerced into participating in what they consider a moral wrong.

Morality comes in many forms. Religious believers have a moral code. So do secular nonbelievers. Thus I assume Lowry wants government to stop coercing anyone "into participating in what they consider to be a moral wrong."

OK. Let's see how that'll work out. 

Surely there are lots of alcoholics who love to both drink and drive. They don't feel like they're doing anything wrong. Their moral code says "Have a good time at a bar. Then get in your car. No problem." Why should drunk drivers not be able to do whatever they want, free of government interference, just like he wants to allow Catholics?

Here's a less extreme example: people who have a moral objection to financing unnecessary wars. Or even wars in general. Lowry seemingly wants every citizen who objects to the Department of Defense to subtract from their tax bill the percentage of the federal budget that goes to the military.

After all, nobody should have to participate in what they feel is a moral wrong. And no reasons need be given for a moral stand. Religions don't have demonstrable, factual, reasonable reasons for their "thou shalt's." 

Blind faith and I believe suffice for religions. So why not for everybody else? 

If you think it'd be ridiculously unworkable if people could decide what laws they wanted to comply with (I sure do), then the absurdity of allowing religious organizations to be exempt from the Affordable Care Act's health insurance coverage rules should be apparent.

But if Lowry and the Republicans get their way, I'll be founding my Church of Unlimited Speeding, Alcohol Consumption, and Pacificism.  

Our sacred sacrament will be racing around superfast on the highways, drunk on whatever type of alcoholic beverage members of the congregation prefer, which has been paid for by all the money saved by deducting from our taxes the 20% or so of the federal budget that goes to defense and security.

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Thich Nhat Hanh- Mindful Movements

Free Weekly Wisdom. Visit Author: Thich Nhat Hanh When you calm your body and your emotions, teaches Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, you restore yourself, and you restore peace to the world around you. On mindful movements, this renowned teacher of mindfulness meditation guides you through a series of gentle exercises created specifically to cultivate a joyful awareness of the body and breath. Learn More:

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Gardens - Amazing Spiritual Center For Spiritual Retreats

Article by GS Virk

Mantras for Meditation -

Visit for more New Age Videos, Articles and Discussion on Meditation, Yoga, Astrology, Accupuncture, Qi-Gong. Saying any word produces an actual physical vibration. Over time, if we know what the effect of that vibration is, then the word may come to have meaning associated with the effect of saying that vibration or word. This is one level of energy basis for words. Another level is intent. If the actual physical vibration is coupled with a mental intention, the vibration then contains an additional mental component which influences the result of saying it. The sound is the carrier wave and the intent is overlaid upon the wave form, just as a colored gel influences the appearance and effect of a white light. In either instance, the word is based upon energy. Nowhere is this idea more true than for Sanskrit mantra. For although there is a general meaning which comes to be associated with mantras, the only lasting definition is the result or effect of saying the mantra. The human consciousness is really a collection of states of consciousness which distributively exist throughout the physical and subtle bodies. Each organ has a primitive consciousness of its own. That primitive consciousness allows it to perform functions specific to it. Then come the various systems. The cardio-vascular system, the reproductive system and other systems have various organs or body parts working at slightly different stages of a single process. Like the organs ...

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Universe is sending me a "Fuck. That. Shit." message

I've got no idea who "the Universe" could be. Or if it is a "who." Or if it is, at all. Regardless...

The Universe seems to be trying to communicate an important message to me. 

Fuck. That. Shit. 

It also comes in a different cadence and punctuation.

Fuck that shit!

Today I came across the Mother Ship source of the first link, a cool xkcd comic. Read it. Maybe the Universe is out to give you the same message. 

Here's an excerpt from the comic that I liked a lot:

I don't know how to jolt myself into seeing what each moment could become. But I do know one thing: the solution doesn't involve watering down my every little idea and creative impulse for the sake of someday easing my fit into a mold. 

It doesn't involve tempering my life to fit into someone's expectations. It doesn't involve constantly holding back for fear of shaking things up. This is very important, so I want to say it as clearly as I can:

Fuck. That. Shit.


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Tour Buddha Pilgrimages and Monasteries With Best Tourism Packages

Article by Alecia Williams

Today, Buddhism has spread in almost every part of the world. Currently its followers are 350 million in numbers and the same is still increasing at a very rapid rate. Buddhism primarily originated in India and Nepal but gained rapid as well immense popularity in other parts of the world within a short time frame. The largest population of this religion today resides in China, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia. It is also gaining popularity in countries like USA, UK and Australia. As such, the number of tourists for Buddhist pilgrimages is continuously increasing and the India Buddhist tour has been expertly optimized by Buddhist tour packages.

Lord Buddha was born in southern Nepal while Buddha himself preached his preachings in different parts of India. This has scattered pilgrimages and monasteries associating Buddhism across different regions of India and Nepal. The tourists visiting these countries for these reasons is increasing at a very rate every year. Seeing this trend of tourists towards Buddhist pilgrimages and monasteries have led to rise of Buddhist tour packages that provides optimized India Buddhist tour packages that help visitors experience these places in the most memorable manner.

The tour packages offered are primarily categorized under three different packages. These packages cover different packages that help followers and visitors visit these places in a very desirable manner. The first package offers tours of Buddhist pilgrimages and monasteries in Vaishali, Nalanda, Rajgir, Varanasi, Agra and Delhi. These are offered under packages hosting Barabar and Duggasiri Hills. The Second package offers tours of Buddhist pilgrimages and monasteries that are concentrated around Jaipur, BodhGaya, Lucknow and Kapilvastu. The third of these packages concentrates its focus upon the rest of Buddhist pilgrimages and monasteries along with the tours of Ajanta Ellora caves. Besides, there are several special packages for tourists who wish making their tours in a special effective! manner.

The bookings of India Nepal Buddhist tour packages has been also simplified by the tour operators. Bookings for these can be made online while providing minimum initial information regarding tours and travel. There are also special arrangements for countries where the number of followers of Buddhism is large. These countries primarily include China, Myanmar, Japan, Korea and Thailand. Also, the costs of these tour packages have been kept at quite an affordable that suits easily suits every budget and pocket.

So, if interested in touring Buddhist pilgrimages then do consider planning your tours with Buddhist tour packages. The India Buddhist tours packages provided under this tour provider helps visitors experience Buddhism in a special as well as memorable manner.

About the Author

Buddhist tour packages online is a reputed organization of tour and travel in India, Nepal and Thailand etc. We provide tour packages like India Buddhist Tour and India Nepal Buddhist Tour for you and your family.


Ajahn Brahm talks about the topic of change

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Cooking Up Stress Relief

Article by Tony Robinson

Shirley Maclaine's Inner Workout Part 4

This popular actress , hosts the definitive stress- reduction program. A highly repeatable workout for mind, body and soul. For more info on how to connect mind body and soul visit: For more info on How to Connect Mind Body and Soul visit

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Take Online Yoga Classes to Enjoy Privacy of Your Place While Practicing Yoga

Article by Patresia Adams

Stress has been considered a pandemic disorder that affects several many people in the world. Due to this increasing number, many had craved of ways, therapies and techniques that could relief you from stress. The introduction of stress relievers like breathing, aromatherapy, guide imagery had been broadly acknowledged and also a major part of stress management practices. But before these therapies were introduced, one proven therapy which had already existed and been practiced to relief various illnesses and disorder is yoga.

Yoga is considered as a part of meditation practice of people in the world. Basically, when we say yoga, it means union which is believed to give relief from body, mind and spirit. People usually practice mainly for self development, as it undoubtedly provides relief from many diseases and disorder. Yoga has many benefits like gives stability of mental thinking, improves the circulation of the blood, and enables us to sleep properly and peacefully.

While practicing yoga, we are able to gain calmness for our mind, which eliminates all stress and tension we have. From this we achieve stability of our mind that makes us think properly and order that helps us in taking proper decisions. As yoga becomes an essential part of our daily routine, various companies are now realizing the need of yoga. Companies are now offering online yoga classes the helps us to practice yoga without leaving the comfort and privacy of our homes.

Nowadays, in busy life of everyone, these yoga classes online prove to be a great source for practicing yoga. With a nominal amount of fees, they will provide you live yoga classes that suit your packet as well as time schedule.

Divine Wellness, a leading online resource offers live yoga classes online as per your time schedule. If you want privacy and comfort of your place while practicing yoga, Divine Wellness is the way to go!

About the Author

Patresia Adams is a healthcare consultant working with Divine Wellness. This interactive health and wellness portal offers Live online yoga classes through high-definition video conferencing.

Got to share some poetic hate-mail insults

I've got to give credit where credit is due: one of my most avid non-fans does come up with some marvelously creative (and alliterative) insulting comments. 

Often these go into a Typepad spam filter, where I just discovered some heretofore unnoticed gems.

Usually I ignore hate mail, but these communications struck me as possessing an admirable "Howl" style (Allen Ginsberg's classic poem) and deserved to be shared with a wider audience.

why you such a two bit second grade hypocritical coward you miserable little runt eyed prat, what you so goddamn chicken about you pitiful little two faced rat? You a typical two faced insincere coward who is too cowardly to face any facts.. Lemme tell you how its gonna cut you cowardly little pitiful prat... reality gonna dawn on you so hard you gonna bust apart and cry big tears like the little chicken arsed two faced unscrupulous insincere back biting coward you are.

about time this pseudo psycho asshole derelict dimwit dumb ass Hines got down from his self made defunct cocoon of ignorant denial driven disillusionment and opened up his defunct derailed brain and let a little bit of open minded light into his dark cavernous debauched brainwashed bullshit baffled bewilderment.

you churchless chump morons think you clever, the entire gamut bang shoot of you churchless anti RSSB champing clowns are decidedly and absolutely stupid... and it shows...

The author of these messages, of course, considers that he/she is not decidedly and absolutely stupid. I'll leave it to the reader to determine where the balance of stupidity falls most heavily.

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Bill Moyers: On Faith & Reason - Pema Chödrön | PBS

Why does an ancient Eastern spiritual practice appeal to workaholic, frenetic, emailing, fast-talking, fast-typing, and overly stressed Americans? In Bill Moyers on Faith & Reason, airing Friday, August 4 at 9 pm on PBS (check local listings), Pema Chödrön, whose teachings and writings on meditation have helped make Buddhism accessible to a broad Western audience, talks about how her own spiritual search led her to becoming a Buddhist nun. "Everybody has the potential, without exception--every living being has the potential to awaken." For more of the interviews, and a chance to share what *you* find important on matters of Faith & Reason, visit the program's website ( and watch the broadcasts on PBS.

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Ten Tips for Producing a successful Yoga or Fitness Video

Article by David Collier

I just finished my third yoga DVD and I feel completely re-energized. As a director and cameraman, I have always enjoyed shooting fitness videos since the process inspires my own athletic practice and yoga studies. With each shoot, I learn something new, so I thought it would be valuable to share my insights with fitness and yoga instructors who are considering producing their own videos. I've culled together some tips and considerations to help people avoid pitfalls and ways in which they can elevate their fitness video productions.

Spending the money to produce a yoga video is a gamble for sure, but you can hedge your bet by doing your homework to ensure that your yoga DVD has a good shot at recouping your investment and (hopefully) making a good profit. The cost to produce a professional fitness DVD can range from to K so you want to be sure you've considered all the elements before firing up the cameras. Of course there are many variables that can alter the budget, and a lot of videos cost well over K, but that's a good starting point. There is another intangible reason to producing a professional yoga DVD - to promote yourself. Instructional videos allow you to market your name in such a way that word-of-mouth alone cannot accomplish. It will ultimately help strengthen your business and is an effective portfolio of your teaching practices.

1) Make sure your yoga DVD has a unique marketable approach - For those who don't have a household name, best-selling yoga book or star power, you need to play on your strengths. You don't need to be a Rodney Yee to sell a lot of yoga DVDs, but remember, there are dozens of yoga videos all competing for the same dollars. It's important that your video stands out and has a unique niche market, for example, some successful videos include: pre-nadal yoga, yoga for cyclists, cross training in winter or hula-hooping fitness for everyone. There is a fine line between making sure there is a broad enough appeal and finding a good niche audience! .

2) Choose the right location - Shooting in a beautiful setting can make a world of difference and will elevate the production value of the overall video.

3) Move that camera! - A moving camera can boost production value in a big way. Using a jib arm can not only keep the shot interesting for 30 seconds at a time but can also be helpful to show different angles as the camera floats around the body.

4) Multiple cameras with matching time code - To do a professional yoga or fitness video you need to shoot with at least two cameras, if not more, and those cameras should be synced with time code. I like to have one camera on a jib arm that is getting the wide shots while the second camera is shooting close ups. Adding a third camera is valuable if you have more than five people on screen at once.

5) Deciding how many people to have in the shot - This is a key factor in deciding how to set up your shoot and it is important to consider your reasons for using more or fewer practitioners to demonstrate. It's always good to have at least one man and one woman unless your video is marketed for men or women only.

6) Voiceover? Or Direct to Camera? - You will need to consider if you want the host to address the audience or to use a VO before developing the script.The advantage of doing the exercise routine in Voice Over (also called VO), is that it allows you considerable flexibility once you're in the edit room and it is easier to alter the script if and when needed. Personally, I like to switch it up. Have the yoga instructor start out on camera for the opening. If you do the entire practice on camera make sure to have a wireless headset microphone that moves with the instructor so you can consistently record clean audio.

7) Create more than one routine on a disc - While you don't want to give away three DVDs worth of yoga on one disc, it's nice to be able to offer a menu with a few options to choose from. I suggest a basic hour-long workout, a condensed half hour, and an adva! nced wor kout or practice. I would err on the side of making the disc feel substantial. Two different lengths of a similar routine is good because sometimes the viewer only has a half hour to spend with your DVD.

8) Chapter your DVD - There are certain sections on the DVD that your viewer will want to watch many times over as they do their routine. There are other sections that the viewer will only want to see once. Make sure each routine has its own chapter for the viewer's convenience.

9) Know your market - This is key in establishing your audience and increases your possibilities of generating a profit. Do your research! Speak to your students and let them know you are considering creating an instructional video - chances are they'll be happy to share with you their thoughts and/or interest. Is this something they would want to buy?

10) Create a beautiful DVD Cover and DVD Menu - They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but the truth of the matter is we all do. DVD packaging is important especially when it comes to appealing to your audience. Something to consider is featuring your photo on the cover. You may be your DVD's biggest selling point, so be ready for your close up.

About the Author

David Collier is film director and videographer. Straight out of college, Collier directed and produced the feature-length documentary For Better or For Worse, which earned him several awards, including an Academy Award nomination. In 1992 Collier founded Studio B Films and has since worked on various non-fiction programs for PBS, BBC, Discovery, MTV and Animal Planet.

Seated Wide Angled Forward Bend Pose Yoga During Pregnancy Seated Wide Angled Forward Bend Exercise - This posture helps in increasing the flexibility of the pelvic area that further helps a woman during childbirth. Learn to practice this posture with ease with the help of Seema Sondi who is an expert of yoga.

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Mom's Mental Health Affects Baby's Language Development

CREDIT: Alexander Raths | Dreamstime

VANCOUVER — Both having depression and taking antidepressants during pregnancy may affect an infant's language development, new research suggests.

Study results reveal that a crucial language development period, during which infants learn to tune in to the sounds of their native language, is sped up when women take antidepressants, and prolonged when a woman has depression.

However, the researchers are not sure whether such speeding up or slowing down is beneficial or harmful in the long run, and it may not have any effect on a baby's ultimate ability to acquire language, said Janet Werker, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia.

Werker discussed her findings here at the American Association for the Advancement of Science's annual meeting.

Babies are born with the ability to learn any language, and can distinguish between sounds of a variety of different tongues. However, by the age of 6 to 10 months, they begin to take more notice of the sounds of their native language, and are less able to discriminate between sounds of other languages.

In the new study, Werker and colleagues tested the ability of babies born to mothers with and without depression to discriminate between consonant sounds in a non-native language.

Babies of mothers without depression showed the normal pattern of development — they could discriminate between the consonant sounds at 6 months old, but by 10 months old, they had lost this ability.

In contrast, babies of mothers with depression could still discriminate between the sounds by age 10 months.

Interestingly, babies of mothers with depression who took serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SRIs (a type of antidepressant) could not discriminate between the consonant  sounds at either 6 or 10 months old.

The researchers wondered if this period of development had been shifted to even earlier in life. To find out, they studied the heart rates of fetuses during the 36th week of pregnancy (babies are considered full term starting at 37 weeks). A decrease in heart rate in response to a stimulus is indicative of discrimination, Werker said.

Sure enough, babies of mothers who took SRIs could discriminate between the consonant sounds in utero, just before they were born. Future studies are needed to learn how this shift ultimately affects speech and language development, Werker said.

Because of the effects of poor mental health on both mothers and their babies, woman should be screened for depression before and during pregnancy so it can be effectively managed, said Dr. Tim Oberlander, a professor of developmental pediatrics at University of British Columbia. Regardless of whether a woman takes SRIs, "non-treatment is never an option," Oberlander said.

The decision for depressed women take medication during pregnancy is a personal one to be made between a woman and her doctor, Oberlander said. "To say one size fits all is not fair or reasonable," he said.

Pass it on: Both depression and antidepressants during pregnancy can shift an infants' ability to tune to their native language, but it's not clear whether this change is good, bad or doesn't matter.

Follow MyHealthNewsDaily staff writer Rachael Rettner on Twitter @RachaelRettner.  Findus on Facebook.

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Happy Tree Friends - Books of Fury

Episodes, games, merchandise & DVDs visit: HTF on Facebook HTF on Twitter: Episodes, games, merchandise & DVDs visit:

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Nationalistic and International Buddhism

by agogo

Article by Arjanyai

After Independence in 1948, the identification between Buddhism and nationalism continued and even led to the politicization of the Ceylonese Sangha. Several factors were accountable for this. Firstly, other religions, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity, were imported to the island by occupying powers during various colonial periods. Secondly, the fact that, by the British constitution, the Queen of England is the head of the Anglican Church and Defender of the Faith, caused in the Buddhists opposition to Ceylon's constitution of 1946-47. They would ask, "How can the Queen of England be defender both of the Christian and of the Buddhist religions?" Thirdly, religious conflicts during the British colonial period increased in the Ceylonese love of their native culture, stimulated a desire to turn back to a golden past when Ceylon was under Buddhist kings, and thus led to the demand for the reestablishment of Buddhism as the state religion and the planning of educational and cultural policies under the guidance of Buddhist principles. Moreover, the fact that in Ceylon temple lands and monasteries are the private property of the monks who have interests in them may also have some connec-tion with the matter. As a result of the politicization of the Sangha, every politician tries to win the support of the monks and the winners are those who attract the greater number of monks to their cause. Today, monks may be seen actively campaigning for a political party candidate or politicians making speeches with monks at their sides.

This politicization has, however, caused reactions, especially since the assassination of Ceylonese Prime Minister Bandaranaike in 1956. There has been a public demand for the purifying and reforming of the Sangha. Thus, there are trends to put an end to the politicization and secu-larization of the Ceylonese Sangha, and to restore it to the purely spiritual character of monasticism.

Another trend worthy of interest is the involvement of monks in community development pr! ojects a nd programmes for rural uplift. Organi-zations and movements have been formed for the participation of monks in various kinds of work for the spiritual and material welfare of the people and for the improvement of the living conditions of the villagers, such as the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement (organized in 2501/1958) and the Ceylon Farmers' Association (founded in 2509/1966). This trend can also be seen in other Southeast Asian countries, especially Thailand.

In 2515/1972, Ceylon adopted a new constitution under which the country became a republic and its name was changed to Sri Lanka.

At present, there are three main sects of the Sri Lankan Sangha : the largest and oldest, Siam Nikaya, which is divided into two principal chapters, Malwatta and Asgiriya; the Amarapura Nikaya, founded in the 19th century with about 20 percent of monk population; and the Ramanna Nikaya, founded by reformist members of the Siam sect. While the former Siam sect derived its ordination from Thailand, the latter two are the recipients of ordination from Burma. There are no fundamental or doctrinal differences between these sects.

Of the population of 15,000,000 (est. 2524/1981), Buddhists make up 67 percent, while, of the rest, 18 percent are Hindu, 8 percent Christians, and 7 percent Muslims. There are almost 6,000 monasteries with about 17,000 monks and 14,000 novices in residence.

Among the Theravada Buddhist countries, Sri Lanka has been the most advanced in modern Buddhist studies. Besides the two monastic parivenas of Vidyodaya1 and Vidyalankara2 which have been elevated to university status, admitting lay students as well as monks, the older secular University of Sri Lanka offers courses in Pali and Buddhist studies both for the lower and for the advanced degrees to all students, Sri Lankan and foreign, including monks.

Sri Lanka has made great contributions to the progress of interna-tional Buddhism. Besides the above-described Maha Bodhi Society, Sri Lanka gave birth to another great int! ernation al Buddhist organization, that is, the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB.) in 2493/1950. Professor Malalasekera who initiated the idea was elected the first president of the organization. Now the organization has its permanent headquarters in Thailand. In addition, until 2518/1975 Sri Lanka had sent abroad a far greater number of Dhammadutas than any other Buddhist country, except Japan. Sri Lankan monks can be found residing in their viharas or residences in London, Washington, West Berlin and other Western cities, as well as in India. The Buddhist Publication Society of Kandy, established in 2501/1958, has regularly published two useful serial publications called 'The Wheel' and 'Bodhi Leaves', which have enjoyed a world-wide readership. Sri Lanka's monthly journals such as World Buddhism, meet with increasing numbers of readers in the English-speaking world. So far, as Trevor Ling says in his A History of Religion : East and West, "Ceylon has also played a larger part than any other Buddhist country in making known to some of the non-Buddhist areas of the world the principles and practice of Buddhism".

About the Author

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Join an ongoing group exploring the principles of Buddhist practice

Join Bodhipaksa on open-ended workshop for practice, discussion, and the exploration of key Buddhist teachings, in a friendly group setting — on Skype.

  • Curious about how to take your meditation practice into daily life?
  • Want to explore Buddhist practice in more depth?
  • Interested in meeting up regularly with other practitioners in a friendly setting?

Bodhipaksa has been meeting regularly for a year now with a small, friendly, and very dedicated group of Buddhists. Every Tuesday night we meet, do a brief meditation together, and then explore Buddhist teachings and how they apply to our lives.

This is a very welcoming and informal group, and places are very limited.

Who is this for?

You don't have to regard yourself as a Buddhist to join, although you should be familiar with meditation and have an interest in putting the Buddha's teachings into practice in your life.

Date and time

Starts Tues, Feb 28, 8:30 PM EST.
The equivalent time in other US timezones is:

7:30 PM Central
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(To find the times in others part of the world, click here and convert from "USA – New Hampshire – Concord" to your local time zone.)


Participation on the course is by donation.

Further details

For more details, click here.

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Kickass Miracles - Tiger Petting

"He could eat me. Very easily. But he didn't!" Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yannasampanno Forest Monastery Tiger Temple.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Do Animals Use Power Of Subconscious Mind?

Article by Charles Mentreut

Human Mind - the most powerful and forceful creation in the world. Yes, this is true and one should never doubt this fact since the origin of all human thoughts and action lie in that very place. Whatever you say or do, remember, that the source point of it all is in your mind. It is the action of your mind that gets manifested in the conscious level.

Suppose you are watching TV and you want to change the channel. You think of doing it first and then do the action. But there are many instances where the thought comes to you subconsciously and you act on it. E.g. When you just pick up the remote and change the channel without thinking.

A probable explanation for your action would be viewing a commercial of a product which you do not particularly like. Something like this must have subconsciously triggered your thought and subsequently your action of changing the channel.

Can you now understand why training the subconscious mind power is so important? Once this power is tapped into and utilized, there would be no stopping you from improving your life quality to the levels which you never thought possible before.

If an individual can properly tap into and develop the powers of his subconscious mind, he can unearth all the potentials he has hidden within.

Many claim that it is dangerous to unearth what exists in the subconscious. However, though it is a good thing to know about certain dark aspects of human psychology, but clinging on to the same only unfortunately results in more of such negativity in life.

Therefore, one should only focus on the positive side to human psychology and think about how to develop his own subconscious mind power as a self improvement exercise. Chances are that you are thinking this to be an extremely complicated process but in fact it is just the opposite.

One can utilize the power of his subconscious mind in tapping into and developing all the hidden potentials that lies dormant within him. Moreover, doing this is not as diffic! ult as i t is made out to be. Through some simple processes given below, you should be able to do this successfully.

Affirmation can be said to be the most basic and simple technique to harness the power of the subconscious. Herein what you need to do is to continuously tell yourself or remind yourself about some positive thing in order to achieve that desired result.

For example, if someone needed to complete a daunting task they were not truly inclined to become involved with, they might feel a deep tired feeling come over them.

This is essentially a stress response that gets generated when you think of the task to be boorish and this cuts off the energy required o get the job done. Using the technique of mental affirmation is the best way to combat this in order to complete the task successfully.

One way to do this is to repeatedly remind yourself of all the various benefits that would arise only after the task is complete. One cam also try and affirm by standing in front of the mirror and telling himself that he is the best suited for the task.

Affirmations also help you to change a habit such as stopping smoking or stopping yourself from overeating or drinking. Scientific studies have shown that the constant repetition of affirmations, either spoken or written down, taps into the power of your subconscious mind and changes your behaviour.

Another path towards subconscious mind power development is through post hypnotic suggestion. While the help of a qualified hypnotherapist is usually required in this, but self hypnosis is also possible by using pre-recorded hypnosis audio.

A relatively new concept known as binaural beats is also becoming popular as a method to develop one's subconscious mind power. A technique based on brainwave synchronization, this involves hearing sound waves of slightly different frequencies through each ear of an individual. This goes to the brain synchronizing the two hemispheres thereof, resulting in a deep meditative state of mind where com! municati on between the conscious and the subconscious is possible.

There are innumerable evidence in this world to show what one can do if he can successfully develop the powers of his subconscious. If you take the example of the Buddhist monks, you can see that just by mere control on their subconscious they can become invisible or levitate off the ground and perform many other such feats which are termed supernatural by other ordinary people.

The power of one's subconscious is such that it can also influence matter on a subatomic level. Not only matter but also events in your life as is shown in countless books and movies like 'The Secret' which explains the Law of Attraction.

It can be thus seen that the law of Attraction is not just theoretical discussion but a physical law that lets you manifest anything and everything you ever wanted in your life just by effective communication with one's own subconscious.

The astonishing fact is that quantum physics and all its recent advances talk about the same things which our ancient religions of the world told us thousands of years ago that our mind is the source behind everything. What we live in is nothing but the product of our own subconscious. Not only this, but quantum physics have also gone ahead to explain what all we usually term as supernatural or psychic feats.

To conclude, it can be said that the power of the subconscious mind is vaster in scope and possibilities than can be imagined and hence manipulating the same should never be underestimated. Not only can it change your behaviour but also take you to a new life altogether.

About the Author

Look at the exciting world of using your mind power with the popular website. Discover for yourself the amazing secrets of the subconscious. Find out the real mind power secret with a FREE audio and ebook Package.

How An Apple Can Help Kids Understand What's Happening Now

Susan Kaiser Greenland, Author of The Mindful Child and founder of the Inner Kids Program uses an apple to help kids and families understand how what's happening right now includes awareness of past, present and future.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

Wat Dhammaram

Article by Arjanyai

Wat Dhammaram 'The Thai Buddhist Temple' is the legal English name as it appears in the Certificate of Incorporation granted by the Department of State of Illinois to the Thai Buddhist temple in Chicago. The name came into legal effect on May 17, 2519/1976, which is the date of the official establishment of the Temple. Later, the Temple was granted by His Holiness the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand an honorary Thai name of 'Wat Dhammaram' which the Temple usually uses as its popular name in publicizing its activities and circulating its publications in the Thai language.

The Thai Buddhist Temple in Chicago may serve as an example of the gradual development of a Thai Buddhist organization in the United States. Like New York City, Chicago is a big city where-a large number of Thai people, approximately the same number as in New York City, live, work and study. In 2512/1969, 'The Thai Association of Greater Chicago' was founded to encourage and to coordinate the activities of Thai people and to maintain their unity. In the middle of 2515/1972, some groups of Thai Buddhist monks, on the way to visit places of interest and Thai communities in the United States, arrived at short intervals in Chicago. It was the "Thai Association of Greater Chicago" that took the responsibility for the reception of these first monk visitors. Merit-making ceremonies, sermons and talks were held at a Japanese temple where a surprisingly large number of people came to attend. Following this, Thai people in Chicago invited a monk from the Thai Temple in Los Angeles to officiate on occasions of religious observances, ceremonies and celebrations. Lacking a place for ceremonial assembly of their own, the ceremonies and celebrations had to be held at the Japanese temple which a number of Thai relied on for religious and spiritual purposes even before the coming of Thai Buddhist monks. At that time, Thai people in Los Angeles began to collect funds for the founding of a Thai temple in Los Angeles. To contribute to this meri! torious effort, some Thai Buddhists in Chicago helped in collecting donations from devotees in Chicago and sent the donations to Los Angeles. All These events and activities led to more and more frequent meetings of devoted Buddhists until at last they decided that a Buddhist organization should be formed to take charge of providing arrangements, funds and other facilities for all Buddhist activities in Chicago. A period somewhat over one year from the middle of 2516/1973 to the later part of 2517/1974 saw the development of this organization from the conception of the idea through an informal organization into a legally full-fledged corporation. It was on September 13, 2517/1974 that the aforesaid group of Thai devoted lay Buddhists in Chicago had the organization filed under the General Not for Profit Corporation Act of the State of Illinois under the name of 'The Thai Buddhist Center'.

Then, the Center further developed the idea of setting up a monks' residence, a so-called temple, in Chicago. Besides providing arrangements for Buddhist activities, the Center encouraged Thai people in Chicago and nearby areas to create such an establishment and collected funds, mainly through contributions, for this purpose. After a period of about two years, in spite of the effort and a large amount of collected funds, the dream of having a Thai monks' residence remained far from reality. Then, early in 2518/1975, the Center invited two Thai monks who at that time were staying at Vajiradhammapadip Temple in New York to come to conduct Buddhist activities and lead the people in the effort to found a Thai temple in Chicago.

About the Author

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The Dalai Lama and Quantum Physics 1/6

"Maybe knowledge is as fundamental, or even more fundamental than reality." (AZ) The austrian quantum physicist Anton Zeilinger explains to the Dalai Lama some basics of quantum physics and some results of the last 9 years of experiments in quantum mechanics. Themes: Atomism, randomness, the phenomenon, interdependence, the role of the observer in quantum physics and buddhism (Parts 1-3). Explanation of the quantum computer (Parts 4-6). Dialogue Leaders: Anton Zeilinger and Arthur Zajonc. Questions from Matthieu Ricard and Wolf Singer. Excerpt of: "Mind and Life XIV" - Dialogues on "The Universe in a Single Atom". Day 1 Afternoon Session (April 9th, 2007) (Held at His Holiness the Dalai Lama's residence in Dharamsala, India) In this video the sequences with longer translations to the Dalai Lama and the conversations in Tibetan (together about 20 minutes) are not included. The version without cuts is available here (Day 1 pm): Day 1 am (with introduction from the Dalai Lama): Anton Zeilinger (born on 20 May 1945 in Ried im Innkreis, Austria) is an Austrian quantum physicist. He is currently professor of physics at the University of Vienna, previously University of Innsbruck. He is also the director of the Vienna branch of the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information IQOQI at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Zeilinger has been called a pioneer in the new field of quantum information and is renowned for his realization of quantum ...

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Two Ways to Decrease Stress that are Better than Sex

Article by Jonathan Steele, RN

Stress is something we all face. Whether it is the time for finals or the final hours of married life, we all face times that give new meaning to the term stress test. There are numerous ways to deal with stress. Some can be dealt with mentally and others with diet and exercise.

I started researching the subject as a result of a study I read in the New Scientist. It reported that sex "cuts public speaking stress." The study by Stuart Brody, a University of Pailsey psychologist, actually has implications for many stressors we face.

The real world application poses a major problem. As far as finals go, more and more young people are maintaining their celibacy until marriage. If you are monogamous or facing the stress of a divorce, there are obvious reasons that alternatives are necessary.

As a Nurse I have witnessed the side effects associated with sex outside of marriage. The results are both life threatening and life complicating.

So what else can you do?

A better way to deal with anxiety associated with public speaking or any life challenge is through mental, physical, and dietary preparation.

Consider two examples.

Take a look at EMI.

Eye Movement Integration (EMI) is perhaps one of the most effective methods of stress reduction and performance improvement available to our minds.

Simply face your head straight in front of you and don't move. Now look at and track your eyes as though they were following the lines of an imaginary Z that extends to all four quadrants of your visual field. Then trace a box around the Z.

Repeat this eight times slowly and consistently.

Many will comment they notice a sensation upon doing it the first time.

That sensation was, in simplest terms, the left and right brain connecting with each other. It does not hurt. It just feels like a sensation.

Stress causes a loop of thoughts that re-play over and over like a broken record or a CD with a scratch that prevents the mind to d! o what i t needs to do.

EMI stops the skip allowing the brain to progress into problem solving mode automatically.

Negative Emotions vs. Positive Emotions

This one fact needs to be remembered. If applied in your life, it can change the way you feel about things. It is the most important aspect of practicing safe stress.

Negative emotions are preceded by negative thoughts.

This is important to know because negative emotions like anger, fear, and anxiety can decrease your ability to solve problems, make decisions, and reason on things.

The first step, eliminate or replace the negative thoughts.

You can help your roommate and friends do likewise.

If you find yourself or someone near you using emotion draining words around you, stop them and say, "It's not like you to..." then identify the action or attitude. It may take some creative thinking to be able to frame it as a truthful statement.

Do the same with your own mind. Frame everything you face as a positive experience and reap the positive emotions.

One person's failure is another's learning experience.

One person's loss is another's training.

It is up to you. How you choose to frame anything that happens to you, even if out of your control, can determine how you will feel. How you feel will determine how you deal with stress.

These exercises are better than sex in that you can do them any time of day or night by your self. They produce something within us that helps us to grow. Where ever we are and with what ever stress we face they are readily available.

May all your stress be good stress. If you're taking a final or speaking in front of a crowd, how ever you fare, may you fare well.

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Jonathan Steele, RN is a nursing consultant and free lance speaker. He is host of a site to help speakers master the art of public speaking.

He is also an artist. His paintings, sculptures, photography and prints have sold around the world. You can view some of his previous creations at

Meditation-Budham Saranam Gachami.wmv

Buddha Statues from various places. A video for Meditation & Relaxation & Stress reduction.

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Article by Ronaldo The Teacher

Buddhist musing is one of the immensely complex and discrete forms of meditation on the den. practiced by millions of people, this discover of reflection is discrete by the supply-teach that teaches tangible.

Seeing each illustrate has a clashing depiction of teaching, the specific forms of Buddhist thinking is usually special to that cram. However, competent are many principles of Buddhist meditation that is carried considering between the distinctive schools.

The customary use of Buddhist musing is to carry forward tranquility further aha to carry through counsel besides Nirvana. Typically, this is done through the Samatha meditations and the Vipassana meditations.

Samatha is a reference towards tranquility, trick Vipassana is a reference towards sagaciousness. Each of these types hold incommensurable methods, and these mismated methods are whole enchilada used to pop up designful aspects of yourself.

In Buddhist meditation, the Samatha meditations are chrgeable thanks to developing concentration, loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy further equanimity. Some schools leave further develop further aspects of the self, but these five aspects partly always nurture to act as pursued.

In Buddhist meditation, the Vipassana mediation tends to spring inner calm again freedom, clarity of self, for quite thanks to aspects of wisdom and compassion.

Correct to the belief cut of the Buddhist, some forms of Samatha overlap Vipassana, which is good now achieving word again Nirvana is whereas the clot of both Vipassan again Samatha.

If you execute not affirm ascendancy the Buddhist religion, you power harmonious make use of the needful methods of meditation, although extremely of the spirituality and form behind the meditations is disappeared.

Non-Buddhists nurture to strive towards health and mental clarity, owing to entirely owing to other non-Buddhist goals. This changes the polestar of the meditations, although reposing permits non-Buddhists to furt! herance from the form.

Buddhist meditation is a category of thought and alive techniques. These two pushover techniques juxtapose across outright of the schools. However, the cover of steps used to master the techniques of reflection are painfully divergent.

For example, the Theravada tradition has a no bother over ninety ways to check in the position also concentration. The Tibetan tradition, on the otherwise hand, has thousands of visualization meditations.

Most teachers of Buddhist pondering will only annotate from the coach they were originally tender from. know onions are unique a few teachers that will undertaking to span the unsimilar schools and tag the practices of these different schools.

Buddhist contemplation is typically guided until the consciousness of musing conceive been agreeable to the youth.

About the Author

Ronaldo the Teacher is a Meditation motivador that tries to spread the art of Meditating in order to help develop the fulfilling Life of others.Take a look Take a look here.Check the Benefits of Meditation here!

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